Boy,8, dies in Kerala after guzzling alcohol

Boy,8, dies in Kerala after guzzling alcohol

talibani killedAn eight-year-old boy died in Kerala after consuming large amount of liquor, said police.

According to police, the boy was alone in his home in Kunnikode village and seeing a bottle in his parent’s cupboard, he drank it.

“There was no one at home and when the parents returned in the evening yesterday (Sunday), the boy was in an unconscious state. The parents poured water on him and he got up, only to fall down. He was taken to a hospital and close to midnight the boy passed away,” a police official told IANS.

The incident occurred about 60 km from the state capital and forensic examination is on, added the police.

The boy’s father is a tile worker and the police said he does not consume liquor. One of his friends who came from abroad gifted him a bottle of liquor, which he had kept in his cupboard.

“The boy drank about 300 ml of the liquor,” added the police official.

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