Bollywood Events Adelaide holds a candle light vigil

Bollywood Events Adelaide holds a candle light vigil

photo 1 (1)BEA held a candle light vigil at the Indian Association of South Australia Hall at Blamey Avenue, Blair Athol on 21st April for PrabhaArun Kumar who was brutally murdered in Sydney.

MP Tony Zappiastared solemnly into the fearful, watery eyes of those he was elected to serve and protect. The attendees includedSaru Rana, Umesh Nagasandra, Priya and NeelamNagundla and many other community leaders who pleaded for the restoration of civility and the basic human right of personal safety when walking in public areas during the day.

Mr Zappia was amongst a room full of dignitaries who came together for a candlelight vigil to respect the life of a beautiful young woman who a few weeks ago while walking home from work in Sydney, was savagely murdered for no reason. Her killer had no motive, no purpose to attack. She was not robbed nor was she sexually assaulted. She was purely preyed upon by a sickening human being who mindlessly found some thrill in ending her life.

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1) Her hysterical husband whom she was talking to by phone when attacked, helplessly heard her terror and gargled screams through the entire ordeal…including the horror of her gasping death. Nobody was there to protect her.

Mrs Saru Rana spoke emotionally and pleaded with the police and law makers that the perpetrators should be caught and brought to justice.

Umesh Nagasandra spoke and gave a strong message to politicians that they must bring justice and requested to bring more resources to this case. He requested the communities to be vigil at all times and act as eyes and ears to the police department and report any suspicious or unlawful activity on the onset.

Mrs Neelam stated quite vocally, “Is this an Australian society we should settle for? Should we accept the apparentvalue of our kids’ and grandchildren’s lives that they may be discarded in so inexcusablea failure of community security? Do we acknowledge that such an act will conclusively happen in South Australia to our own wife, sister, mother or friend in a state that diverts resources from police to myriad of other, less pressing expenditures? Is this what we want? Is this acceptable government?”

If the government can recognise that preventing cars speeding evades paraplegia or death; and that educating people to not smoke averts excruciating deaths by cancer; and that funding preventative strategy aimed at people who might otherwise speed or smoke…there is also a moral obligation that it fund security measures that protect innocent Australians who don’t want Adelaide to descend into asqualidcity that is no longer safe to walk. In as much as taxes can create a quality of life, few would forego the safety of their family walking home from school or work, for any other publicly funded state luxury.

The time for passive fear has ended; the time for corrective action has begun.

photo 5 (1) photo 4 (1)The committee of imminent persons that were amongst MP Tony Zappia at that heartbreaking vigil, call on the South Australian Government to convene a Round Table of appropriate representatives from the police, bureaucrats, local government, business leaders, community leaders and the legal profession to undertake a mandate to make our streets safer. Perhaps that one human life lost can save hundreds over a generation. For the greatest part of ourselves that justifies us to act swiftly is actually perfectly evident when we clutch those we love the most.

MrDilipChurluley and Mr Sharma read a prayer for the departed soul to rest in peace.

Many VIPs attended the candlelight vigil in honour of the life of PrabhaArun Kumar. These included politicians, councillors, prominent business identities and members of the public.

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