Bohemia takes Sydney by storm

Bohemia takes Sydney by storm

Maharaja’s Haveli hosted Bohemia’s press conference on the eve of his successful Sydney concert at the Hard Rock Cafe, Darling Harbour on 24th October, 2015, following his hit show in Melbourne. Bohemia expressed his views intently when answering questions put forward by the press. Excerpts:

How did the name ‘Bohemia’ come about?

‘It originated in France dating back to centuries, to the time of Gypsy tribes’.

bhoemiaWhat is your message to the Youth?

The youth of today are mixed up in drugs and crime. They need to immerse themselves in RAP; many of my fans (engineering and medical students) have told their stories on how my RAP music has helped them pass. RAP is quite popular with the youth of today.

It’s not just music but energy which one feels. A lot of youth around the world feel this energy and display it through Bohemia Tattoos. Bohemia is the only musician having this privilege.

As an artist, who do you admire?

Gurdas Maan Ji, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Ji, Jagjit Singh Ji whose ghazals I started admiring since I was age of 12 are what legends are made of.

A string of further questions which allowed Bohemia to share his own personal story; losing his mother at an early age, his early life in America being penniless and struggling on the streets and his amazing journey from being a street kid to who and what he is today Bohemia, ‘The Indian American RAP legend’.
Bohemia promised his Maharaja’s Haveli fans that he will return ‘post Sydney concert’ to spend more quality time and he didn’t disappoint; turning up on the evening of Tuesday 27th October, 2015, he got candid giving, more insight into his life.

Rani Benepal’s exclusive interview with RAP legend Bohemia:

How was your Sydney concert and Australian tour?

It’s been a long time between visits. Last visit being the release of my Punjabi-rap album Pesa Nasha Pyar in 2006. My fan base has increased dramatically and it’s been a great experience meeting my fans in Australia.

Your real life story is an inspiration to all young people especially the not so fortunate. How do you feel?
I want to reach out to as many young people as I can irrespective of race or religion. My fans include Muslim, Hindu, Punjabi, Afghani, Iraqi, Kiwi’s etc. and I love performing for them. There have been occasions where I’ve had to cancel concerts purely because it would’ve been risky and dangerous for my fans. I want to be able to connect with my fans through music and give them hope in the world.

Tell us about your involvement with Bollywood?
I personally deal with individuals in Bollywood and it’s very frustrating. They don’t respect music or the artist. They are not prepared to pay. ‘We can get someone local to sound the same as you’, they say. They don’t understand the genre of RAP.
On the other hand working with Akshay Kumar for the title track in ‘Chandni Chowk to China’ and ‘I got the picture’ in 8×10 Tasveer was great. Akshay was professional.
I don’t need Bollywood, Bollywood needs me!

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