Australia welcomes the world’s most sophisticated all in one home automation: B.One Hub

Australia welcomes the world’s most sophisticated all in one home automation: B.One Hub

Accumulus Energy Group (AEG) launched B.One Hub, the world’s fastest and most sophisticated home automation smart hub in Australia, ahead of the rest of the world. Powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), B.One lets you wirelessly control your home from anywhere in the world, using your smart phone. AEG has partnered with US-based Blaze Automation Inc. to make affordable home automation a reality for Australians, and its R&D team has customised the Hub for the local market.

“One of the most exciting features of the B.One Hub is its integration with instant messaging chatbots. In this era of messenger-based communication platforms, we want to empower users to communicate seamlessly and intuitively with their smart homes, and chatbots can lead the charge in this space. For the first time ever, you can now live chat with your home using a chatbot, thanks B.One Hub. We believe this is going to revolutionise our entire experience of living and interacting with our homes,” said Anup Raghavan, CEO, Accumulus Energy Group.

Being a wireless system, it can be easily retro-fitted in homes and rental properties – users don’t need to make additional investments to upgrade their home or devices to be B.One-ready. Beyond just controlling smart devices via a mobile app, B.One Hub can also provide detailed insights into energy usage and wastage patterns in the home or office, allowing users to save money off their energy bills.

B.One Hub Factsheet

B.One Hub Factsheet Control your home wirelessly, from anywhere

B.One Hub is many notches ahead of all other home automation systems in the market today. It does much more than merely turn things on and off in your home – it connects the devices in your home wirelessly and gets them talking to each other. Simply use the B.One Hub app on your smart phone to wirelessly control your home from anywhere in the world.

Dedicated chipsets make it the fastest home automation hub available in the market, with enhanced user experience.

Speak directly to your voice-enabled home

B.One’s VoiceAct™ platform allows you to speak to and control your home, powered by voice-led technologies such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. In turn, the devices in your home (all connected to the B.One Hub), respond and act to your commands.

Stay one step ahead with AI-powered actions

The B.One logic engine runs on proprietary algorithms, which learn from user behaviour and get smarter with use. The self-learning home automation and security hub, powered by B.One’s Instinc Act, enables you to customise and control multiple events at your home, using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). B.One Hub anticipates, predicts and sends notifications for key activities or events for enhanced security and efficiency.

Stay protected around the clock

Arm and monitor your smart home from anywhere in the world, and feel secure. B.One Hub has military standard 256-bit AES encryption with advanced built-in firewalls for enhanced security. An extra level of protection is provided through GSM or GPRS modules, with 24 hour battery backup and a SIM card for uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Shave money off your energy bills
B.One Hub helps you manage and control all your electrical devices (including lights) using one single, easy mobile app. Track the power consumption of each device, enhance the energy efficiency of your home and slash power bills.

B.One Hub also monitors your smart home thermostats, humidity sensors, CO sensors and smoke sensors.

Simplify things with Universal Remote Control

B.One Hub is a one-stop destination that allows you to manage all your remote-controlled devices with the user-friendly B.One App that works as a Universal Remote Control. All your devices can be connected to B.One Hub, which in turn connects your smart phone.

Freedom to choose the best accessories for your needs

Unlike most smart home devices that have their own proprietary connectivity ecosystems that lock customers into their proprietary network of products, B.One Hub is designed to give consumers the independence to choose and connect with devices based on their needs. It supports over 200 devices and all prominent Wireless Protocol standards – these range from light bulbs and blinds, to motion sensors and alarm systems.

B.One Hub’s future-ready framework supports the following protocols and more:

 Wi-Fi (2.4 Ghz)



 Z-Wave

 ZigBee

 IR Learner & IR Blasters

 Syncs With Eco-System is compatible with thousands of other products available in the market.

Control your home from anywhere in the world

You can control your home with your finger tips using your smartphone and the B.One Hub app. This affordable home automation is very easy to install and use. To know more visit :

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