Ashima Narwal set to represent India at the ‘Miss Global 2015’

Ashima Narwal set to represent India at the ‘Miss Global 2015’

6 6aHailing from Rohtak, a small city of Haryana in India, Ashima Narwal came from humble beginnings. She ventured to Australia just after finishing her high school, at the age of 18, in order to gain higher education from one of Sydney’s top universities. We were first introduced to Ashima through her achievement of becoming Miss Sydney Australia Elegance 2015 in March this year, and we are now there for her journey as she proudly represents India in Miss Global 2015, as Miss India.

It was a difficult journey indeed but an interesting one too. Having gone through all the hardships of being an international student in a country far away from her own, she accomplished a great career in the medical field, working in one of Sydney’s top most hospitals.  She said, ‘I believe in living a life without any regrets and to never give up without trying. Because every great achievement in our life starts with a simple dream’. And she did indeed. Coming from a medical field, she took on modelling/acting field exploring new horizons and setting new landmarks in a very short span of time.

Ashima has set her presence in Sydney, being the go to model for many photographers when looking for an ethnic beauty. With her positive attitude and loving heart, she has been able to cement her presence in the modelling scene. As she ventures off to a new journey in the Philippines where Miss Global 2015 will be held, she will be representing India with great humility, pride and respect in her heart for her country.

We cannot wait to see where Ashima’s journey will take her, with no deterrence, plenty of determination through the ultimate goal of giving back to her country.

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