A temple of worship opens for the Sikh community

A temple of worship opens for the Sikh community

To commemorate the opening of a new Sikh Community Centre, BASS MP Brian Paynter joined the Sikh community of Pakenham and appreciated the peace loving approach of the community. Sangat (Sikh community) in Pakenham celebrated the opening of a new Gurudwara Sahib with the Honourable Minister’s presence.

“I feel honoured to be a part of this group which gives importance to peace, honesty and humanity.”

Earlier, the members had been hiring a community centre but, have now shifted to a house on James Street in Pakenham. Currently they are on lease and it is all privately funded.

“We had to hire a hall at the community centre earlier at Homegarth

Community Centre, and it’s great now to have our own space,” spokesperson Amarjeet Singh said.

“We have 11 permanent members and up to one hundred others in the

Pakenham area,” Amarjeet added.

sikhThe community centre will be used as a place of worship and prayers by the Sikh community. Music lessons and imparting Punjabi language at the community centre are some other important ways through which the community members aim to strengthen their culture. There is also a plan of organizing blood donation camps and free food for the local community. A noble deed indeed!

To know further, visit:  http://www.gbbj.org.au/

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