downloadAries ( 14th April – 13th May ) – This period shows a steady journey towards your goals.

As long as you have put in all of the necessary groundwork then there should also be

steady progress regarding financial affairs. Any decisions that may have arisen out of

business negotiations should prove positive and successful. You may also find great

opportunity and fortune from an unexpected source or direction. But only if you are open

to change. Research and study done and any progress you may make could be

achieved through learning. You may receive a nice little windfall or payment

that has come from a ‘nice little earner’ or bonus for work well done.

Favourable Dates : July 3, 4, 9, 18, 20 & 23. Favourable Colors : White, Purple&


Taurus ( 14th May – 13th June) – There has arisen a need for freedom, spontaneity, or a

fresh start. You would be reminded of the lost time, which you could have put to

some use like working or studying. You will leave the commitments to find a self-

defining freedom. Even close friends and family will have a difficult time understanding

the decisions you are now making. You are being guided by a higher source, and

everything in your life has prepared you for this moment. Maintain the rejuvenated spirit

in you and higher energies will guide you for further course of action. Impartiality is a

good word to observe if you are in the middle of a family row. Favourable Dates

: July 6, 9, 15, 18, 20 & 24. Favourable Colors : Yellow & Green

Gemini ( 21 May – 20 June ) – You’re feeling energized. A problem that’s been puzzling

you for some time is now making perfect sense. This new-found clarity is re-energizing

you, giving you the proper motivation to accomplish your goals. New opportunities have

come your way, and it’s time to break away from the crowd. As long as you’ve checked

your roadmap and packed all the right things, you’re good to go. Whether you can see

the entire picture or not, it’s good enough to fully commit to your chosen path. If you’re

single and looking, you will definitely find your mate. You know exactly what to say that

will make that attractive someone else go head over heels for you. Favourable Dates :

July 3, 4, 8, 10, 17& 28. Favourable Colors : Red & Blue

Cancer ( 14th July – 13th August ) – This period represents emotional growth,

development, reunions, gathering or harvest.  There would be merry festivities,

socializing and success. This is a time to be grateful, appreciative and enjoy the good

times together.  This is a positive time, you are connecting with others, socializing and

having fun. New projects are on the anvil, or of new ideas to which you will soon give

form. You may be enjoying the excess of multiples with multiple job offers, or potential

lovers or even friendships.  Enjoy and celebrate during this time. This period

acknowledges your hard work and blesses its results, instilling in you the belief that if

you are driven to achieve perfection, your inherent strengths will make it happen.

Favourable Dates : July 3, 12, 21, & 30. Favourable Colors : Yellow, Purple &


Leo ( 14th August – 13th September ) – You are currently in a situation that asks of you to

defend your ideas and opinions. You must stay calm and be prepared for attacks from

all sides. You are feeling stuck or restricted in your life. You may be tricked into

believing that you are being controlled by external forces when in fact you have created

your own chains of imprisonment and powerlessness. It appears that you are thinking

too much about past setbacks and failures that you can’t see the present as it really is –

full of possibilities for your prosperity.  Set your mind and energies on right track with

zeal and determination for your future growth. Favourable Dates : July 7, 8, 16, 17 25

& 26. Favourable Colors : Yellow, Green & Blue.

Virgo ( 14th September – 13th October ) – You need to realise that you are now headed

towards a much better position in life. You have endured a difficult life transition As a

result, you will be more able to deal with what may come. There is the need to draw

upon a state of mental clarity, logic and objectivity in order to examine where you have

been and where you are going. This mental clarity will also serve to smooth the way

ahead, and make the passage as peaceful as possible. You can use your intuition to

guide you through easy situations and call upon your impartial and analytical nature

when it is needed for a more complex decision. Favourable Dates : July 5, 10, 14, 20,

23 & 30. Favourable Colors : Purple & White

Libra ( 14th October – 13th November ) – Your hard work is paying off and now you

should ask yourself if there are more efficient ways to get the job done. Perseverance

and raw talent have allowed you to make something from nothing – in business and

career. You will radiate an aura of joy, because it represents the past with all its

memories, the present with all its gifts, and the future with all its wondrous opportunities.

Be open to exploring your passions and your grand ideas at this time. You may be

inspired to act kindly or charitably, or to do a good turn for another person. You are

more open to sharing what you have and being well-intentioned. July 3, 7, 12, 15, 16, &

24. Favourable Colors : White, Blue & Yellow.

Scorpio ( 14th November – 13th December ) – Rational clear thinking is called for on

your part. You have to show unemotional judgment, fairness and equality and of

achieving a sense of balance and harmony and correcting wrongs. Dealings and

communications with others, either professional or personal will go very well. Use your

intuition to guide you, but also examine all the facts clearly and cut away any untruths or

deception. Once you have applied both your head and your heart to the situation it will

bring clarity and the answers you need. Instead of being innovative, you will need to

adapt to the existing set of beliefs and systems that are already in place. Favourable

Dates : July 2, 5, 11, 15, 20 & 25. Favourable Colors : Red, Purple & Brown

Sagitarius( 14th December – 13th January ) – A matured approach is needed with

future projects. Do everything by the book and build from solid foundations. If you plan

to start your own business then it will become a success, so long as you adhere to

these principles. If you are currently looking for work, you will soon find a position that’ll

become a dream job. Though money seems a little tighter right now, attempt to remain

calm when looking over your finances. Every obligation might not be immediately met.

Caution is very necessary right now, as is restraint. Use all your ingenuity in money

matters. When it comes to romance, all is going great – if your other half views you as

the equal that you are. Favourable Dates : July 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, & 21. Favourable

Colors : Yellow & Red

Capricorn ( 14th January – 13th February ) – What you are actually doing is following a

trade route. Fearlessly you continue on the same route to success despite all of the

hardships that spring up along the way. You have been shirking all of the troubles on

your trip in favor of finding the destination. This period signifies toil and perseverance as

well as all of the foreseen rewards that come with the hard work once it has all been

completed. In order for your love relationship to increase bountifully, you will need to put

in some work to get there. Do something totally new that you would have never tried

before, and reap whatever rewards you find. Favourable Dates : July 1, 9, 10, 18, 28,

& 29. Favourable Colors : Yellow & White.

Aquarius ( 14th February – 13th March ) – It is time for rejuvenation to occur to your

funds. Soon your money will begin to grow due to new business plans in order for your

fortune to flourish in the future. You are getting ready to take on a lot of responsibilities

at work and a new creative way of earning should happen soon. You have learned a

fool proof way to multiply finances, or have had so many successful investments in the

past that you know exactly what a company should have before you think of giving your

money to them. In committed relationships, you have attained an understanding that

can only come from having completed some section of that relationship. Favourable

Dates : July 1, 10, 12, 19, 21, 29 & 30. Favourable Colors : Yellow & White

Pisces ( 14th March – 13th April ) – You should give some of your riches away to help

others. Even if you do not have money to begin with, it is your destiny to go out and help

others with their problems. In the end, you need to give up something of yourself to

make life better for others, and in turn, make life better for yourself.

It is time to give your love – partner some leeway in terms of what is allowable and not

allowable in your relationship. If you want your relationship to succeed, sacrifice a bit for

your partner, and in turn he / she will learn to make sacrifices for you too.

Favourable Dates : July 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27, & 28. Favourable Colors : Yellow, Red

& Blue

****Dates of Zodiac Signs have been taken according to Vedic System of Astrology

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