WYNDHAM DIWALI INC. – Official Statement

WYNDHAM DIWALI INC. – Official Statement

On Saturday 22nd of October 2016, it was highly regrettable that the event was washed away. In order to prevent any damage to any property and personnel on site we had to cancel the event.

The high winds of 80 KMPH were out of control for all involved. Wyndham Diwali team has deep compassion for all affected parties including

– The wider community who had planned to visit us (their plans disrupted)

– Businesses (some who have supported the event past few years),

– All our sponsors, – The lovely performers

– Volunteers who worked tirelessly

– Suppliers In order to deliver the promised event, we are working very hard to execute a rescheduled event.

This is a funding issue as we had been all set before the weather invaded us. Wyndham Diwali team acknowledges the losses and disappointment faced by our sponsors and the business supporters.

This is the reason for us to be motivated to work hard and looking for a more conducive weather on the new date. It must be also understood by one and all that the team has been working for past three months voluntarily to make this happen. It will give the team immense pleasure to achieve this again this year as we have done past three years.

Please see the sample that was done for the pleasurable view of the entire community in the Wyndham City and surrounds in order to make the Victoria’s Multicultural Festival of Lights, a great experience.

We at Wyndham Diwali are assessing the financial viability to reschedule. If this really works out with help of enthusiastic sponsors, we will execute the event.

Visit our website or Facebook page for more information.

Wyndham Diwali Inc.



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