Why is Sonakshi unhappyIsn’t it strange to hear that the actress Sonakshi Sinha, who recently got an offer to perform at the Boradway is unhappy.

Well, the reason behind her unhappiness is that her film ‘Lootera’ failed to get nominated for this year’s movie awards. She took twitter to share her dissatisfaction.

Sonakshi tweeted, “Disheartening how Lootera has been held back from most of the nominations this year. Didn’t they call it a masterpiece, poetry in motion, world-class and technically superior film when it released? That seems like qualification enough to be out there.”

Sona got nomination in the category of Best Actress for the 20th Annual Life OK Screen Awards, but she felt “out of place” as no one else from the film was nominated.

“Not nominating Vikramaditya for Best Director, Ranveer for acting, Amit Trivedi for music, (Mahendra) Shetty for cinematography, Aditya (Kanwar) for art, Subarna (Ray Chaudhuri) for costumes, Amitabh (Bhattacharya) for lyrics makes my nomination feel so out of place,” she said.

The actress further added that she is proud of the film.

“…this is a very special film, (I) will always be proud of Lootera whether or not they acknowledge us,” she tweeted.

Sonakshi we agree with you, as ‘Lootera’ was known to be a master piece then why it’s not nominated?

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