WHO approves Chinese circumcision device

WHO approves Chinese circumcision device

China_Circumcision_deviceThe World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved a device, developed in China for male circumcision without surgery, and will use it to tackle high rates of HIV in developing countries, Efe news agency reported.

‘ShangRing’, manufactured by Wuhu Snnda Medical Treatment Appliance, is a single-use sterilised device for circumcising males above 13 years, according to a statement by WHO, Beijing.

“ShangRing is a great example of Chinese innovation, and its prequalification by WHO is another example of the increasing role China is taking in global health,” said WHO representative in China, Bernard Schwartl√§nder.

ShangRing is the second device of its kind to secure WHO approval and the organisation plans to use it in countries with high HIV rates, especially Africa.

It has been found circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV, through heterosexual relationships in men, by around 60 percent.

Trials of the device were earlier conducted in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

The inner and outer rings of the device fit around the foreskin in a manner, there is minimum blood loss when the skin is cut off.

The device is not just an alternative to surgical circumcision but also helps prevent bleeding and inflammation caused by surgery.

For years, WHO has been using male circumcision as a strategy against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, recognising that a foreskin can mean greater risk of infection.

According to the statement, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped to fund the trials and pilot studies on safety and reliability of ShangRing.

It also provided technical assistance to support WHO prequalification of the device.

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