Mumbai, TV stars like Divyanka Tripathi, Deepika Singh and Arya Babbar say that if they manage to lay their hands on billions of rupees, they will buy a “personal jet”, “travel around the world” or “help the needy”.

On the occasion of the Indian premiere of the drama series “Billions”, which will be aired on AXN starting January 24, a few TV celebs were asked what they would do if they have billions of rupees. Arya Babbar

Here’s what the stars said:

Divyanka Tripathi: I would invest the money at the right places so that I earn regular income out of them which would be as huge as the investment. Hence, I would work for pleasure only and I will travel the world exploring all kinds of countries and their cultures.

Deepika Singh: I would help the needy with clothes, shelter and food as that would be more satisfying.

Amit Sadh: If I had billions, I would just travel the world and buy a plane that flies me to all these countries anytime.

Arya Babbar: I would buy an island for myself with a personal jet and a yacht. I will blow it all up on luxuries and would love to have everything at the call of a button.

Ashmit Patel: I would invest all of it in a way that I can live comfortably only with the interest amount. I would also donate lots to ‘Being Human’ as I have seen the kind of work its committed to.

Maheck Chahal: Splurge and travel with Ashmit. I would give the balance to him for creating investments as I am very bad with it. I would also like to build a school and support homeless children.

Delnaaz Irani: I would firstly help my near and dear ones. People who work with me, my staff, I would see to it that their lives are set. And then of course go for a massive world tour with Percy (Karkaria) and indulge in exotic luxuries.

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