What numerology has to say for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

By Sanjay B Jumaani

All eyes are on the outcome of the 58th US Presidential elections; many have asked us to predict what lies in store for the most ‘Powerful’ country in the world.

What do their Numbers depict? Will it be Donald who will blow his ‘Trump’et?

Or Hillary have the last, hilarious laugh?

Donald Trump is born on 14/6/1946 so a double No 5, ruled by Mercury that’s the fastest planet of Communication & Knowledge.

His name adds to No 3, Jupiter.

Pro’s- slightly stronger name Number; United States Of America adds to No 5 too, like his principal Birth Number & Zodiac ruler.

Cons-But fickle Mercury can make him slippery. He’s also in his 71st year (8, Saturn or Shani) that can be extreme. 2016 is 9, Mars that’s usually not adaptable with No 5, Mercury.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has a strong edge as-


She’s a Scorpion & the elections are during Scorpio period. Scorpio ruler is No 9, Mars & 2016 is 9, the year of Mars.


A No 8 (26/10/1947) her name adds to 8 too.

With respect to Numerology & my gut, I feel she has a thick edge over Donald Trump who may just be knocked out by the slightly younger Democrat!

(Sanjay B Jumaani is a Celeb Astro-Numerologist).

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