What is the Significance of COLOURS in LIFE?

What is the Significance of COLOURS in LIFE?

By Sanjay B Jumaani

Sanjay B Jumaani, India’s leading Astro-Numerologist, spreads some light on the significance of colours in people’s lives in relationship to their birth dates in time for Holi – the Festival of Colours!

Colours influence life. And this is never more, well, colourfully brought out in India than during the Hindu spring festival called Holi. It falls on March 13, this year. And everywhere in the country, from bustling 21st century metropolises with state of the art technology to stark villages with no potable water and electricity, people are getting ready for Holi. Culturally, the festival signifies the end of winter and the arrival of spring; socially, it is a party time. And the people do it like Lord Krishna used to – with coloured powder and water, exotic food and intoxicating drinks. But what significance does colour have in people’s lives? I will tell you. They represent the hues of the Planets and, as such, have an important bearing on life. For instance, everybody has a lucky colour based on their Ruling planets. And it’s up to each one of us to figure out what that colour is. To give you a rundown…

Green signifies nature the color of life and energy, is associated growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Green is also traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed & jealousy.

The colour represents Mercury – the fastest moving Planet. Mercury is slippery, as found in a thermometer, and not stable at all. In World Cup cricket, Ireland, Bangladesh and Kenya (the minnows of the sport) have caused some of the biggest upsets not only being responsible for dumping bigger teams out of the cup, they themselves failed miserably to their attempts to reach the finals.

In the Red-

At the start of 2016, I tipped Red to be the year’s favourite colour because 2016 added up to 9 and 9 is the number of the Planet Mars which is known for its fiery red colour. The same year Portugal wearing Red stunned favorites France in the hugely competitive Euro Cup. The winning goal was scored by Eder Lopes wearing Jersey No. 9. The West Indies cricket team, which also famously wears Red, became ‘Best Indies’ by picking up three major cricket World Cups to make their country proud – the WI Under 19 World Cup, and the Women & Men T-20 World Cups! Red shone yet again in 2016 when Chile stunned Argentina to pick the Copa America Trophy which was played on a 27th (9) too! There was also
Serbian tennis champ Novak Djokovic wearing Red who beat Andy Murray and scripted history with his maiden French Crown to become the first player since 1969 to hold all Four Grand Slams in one playing year.
But still, I also warned that Red should not be overdone as the colour tends to make one rash, impulsive and accident prone. Dr. Vijay Mallya overdid Red in his Kingfisher Airlines and today the airlines company has been grounded and his wings have been severely clipped. The national carrier Air India, another notorious user of Red, has hardly ever made profits. And even Spice Jet, a spanking new airline company offering attractive services, in the Red after making losses.

Yellow represents Sun (leadership). It is the most sought after metal as in Gold and even the Mango, known as King of the Fruits, and popular beverages like beer and whisky, besides Lions and Tigers have this Sun colour. The four most victorious sporting teams have one thing in common – yellow in their uniforms. Brazil, which won the maximum Football World Cups (5); Australia, which won the maximum Cricket World Cups (5); the Australian Women won the maximum T-20 Cricket World Cups (3); and Indian IPL team Chennai Super Kings won the maximum number of IPL Cups (2). The one time the Australian Women won a T-20 Word Cup and the Men didn’t even qualify, it was found the men’s team had strangely changed their Yellow uniforms to Blackish Green ones! They won’t ever say “Yellow-Yellow Dirty Fellow” after this!

And now we come to
Black – a fairly ominous colour.
The Kolkata Knight Riders, which was at the bottom of the first four IPLs, changed its Jersey from Black that is considered an inauspicious colour to Purple at my behest. They also changed their negative ‘Burning skull in a helmet’ logo and emerged victorious twice in the next five IPL tournaments! Black represents Saturn or Shani – the Lord of Trials. Wearing Black is like inviting Saturn to judge us. Black is also the color of mourning in so many communities. Thanks to my insistence, none of the teams playing the IPL now sport Black. But internationally, New Zealand which has been wearing Black for ages and is known as the Black Caps has been struggling with its cricket forever. Unbelievably, in some countries the insurance premiums of Red and Black vehicles is higher than others as they are more prone to accidents.

White represents Friendship & purity and is considered neutral, like a universal donor.

Rang Barse-

Match your Lucky Colours to your Birth date

Those born on 1,10,19 & 28 (Sun) and 4,13,22 & 31 (Uranus) in any month-
Yellow, Orange, Gold, Brown.

2,11, 20, 29 (Moon) & 7 and 16, & 25 (Neptune) in any month-
Green, Gray, Blue, Cream, White.

3,12,21 & 30 (Jupiter) and 6,15 & 24 (Venus) in any month-
Blue, Mauve, Violet, Purple.

5,14 &23 (Mercury) in any month-
All light shades, especially Green, Blue, Silver, Cream, White.

8,17 & 26 (Saturn) in any month-
Blue, Yellow, Cream, White.

9, 18, & 27 (Mars) in any month-
Blue, Pink, Crimson, Red (don’t overdo)

(Sanjay B Jumaani is India’s leading Astro-Numerologist. Visit www.jumaani.com to know more.)


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