Weekly Horoscopes:astrology & beyond by Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

Weekly Horoscopes:astrology & beyond by Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

Aries: Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of

forces working together. You may be busy mingling this

week but you may also need to be more extra resourceful

and go beyond your boundary to gain not just a promising

income but also to meet time frames and boss’ expectation.

Use every bit of opportunity that will come your way, you

may need all of it to surpass this week’s domestic, and

investment expenditures. Stay focus on making results. You

may be very pleased that you give your all despite adversity

this week.

Taurus: Confidence is knowing you can make it through the

day without screwing up. Overconfidence is thinking you can

do it again tomorrow. There is a very thin line between the

two and you may need to take everything in a pace where

you can evaluate your moves before implementing your

plans this week. Conflicts may arise due to further agitation.

Knowing to keep your feet on the ground will be your best

move to flourish this week. Regardless of how you struggle

with self-conviction, you may develop a steadfast

relationship with people around you, who will stand right next

to you in times of need.

Gemini: Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to

know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

This week may be difficult for you. Things that you have

been looking forward to may leave you disappointed and

huffy. Have patience; all things are difficult before they

become easy and prosperous. Nevertheless this may be

your best time to make up with all your shortcomings and

this might be able to help you to return to a normal state.

This week may be a perfect timing for businessmen to visit

their outstation for accounting and evaluation.

Cancer: Just because something isn’t happening for you

right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Patience is

not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude

while waiting. You are more likely to lose your temper this

week, try to hold it together or at least be sophisticated

enough while communicating to all the people around you. If

you spoil this, you may deprive years of dedicated work.

Keep your self occupied with leisure activities or work.

Financial distress with may add to your hurdles this week but

keep striving harder.

Leo: You were created limitless. There is nothing you

cannot achieve this week specially if you are constantly

determined to accomplished growth. But never relinquish the

vision of a humane world. This is also a good week for all

businessmen. There may be a good chance of signing a

deal and synthesizing your financial strategies for all your

accounts. Everything may go at ease this week but keep a

second eye before signing any contract to avoid future

complications. You may also be in a position this week to

start long term security for you and your family.

Virgo: The quickest way to double your money is to fold it

over and put it back in your pocket. Your financial strategy

may be challenge, though this may be a good time to

evaluate and put things in order but your attention will be

divided on getting your self some freelance work to earn

extra money. You have unseen overage that put you in this

position, re-evaluate your expenditures and get a grasp of

steadfast financial plan to avoid this in the future. There is no

such thing as success shortcut. Be willing to take the long

and ethical road to avoid future damages.

Libra: We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when

we face challenges. Though everything may be quite

comfortable for you this week, challenge your self into doing

other things beyond your comfort zone. You may be able to

learn that there are many things that you are capable of. Do

not limit your self into things that you are comfortable with,

let your self grow beyond your limitations. However this

week will be very challenging to all businessmen, keep a

second eye to avoid missing out a profitable opportunity.

You may also face an expanding expenditure within your

domestic area.

Scorpio: You can and you will period. This week you may

be lure in a very enticing activity. This may affect your

performance in all perspective. Do not let your self get

perplexed, your undivided attention needs to be in an

unwavering path for your substantial future. Businessmen’s

focus may also be challenge this week. A very attractive

proposition will come your way and you may be positioned in

choosing which path your going to go with. Get a second

opinion and do not rush your conclusions because this may

determine the future of everything you have.

Sagittarius: Giving up on your goal because of one setback

is like slashing your other three tires because you got one

flat. You may feel that you are experiencing another setback

this week, re-evaluate your self to determine the cause of

this inconvenience, you may not look further because you

may have been distracted with too many ideas garbled in

your mind. Use your setback, as a platform for your return,

coming back with a firm and broader perspective will be your

starting point to all achievement you desire. Businessmen

may need to weight quality over quantity or you may

encounter challenges that will affect your future customer


Capricorn: Don’t ever miscalculate the silence for

ignorance, calmness for acceptance and kindness for

weakness. You will be measured in a wrong perspective this

week but you are already expecting it. You may also be in a

position where you misinterpret someone else’s behavior

due to your clouded judgment. Contemplate on your next

move before you implement it, people around you may

always make the same moves or mistakes as you may call it

and it’s up to you to rephrase it and make your own

advantage. Your future is still depends on how you stitch it.

Aquarius: At some point you will realize that some people

can stay in your heart but not in your life. You may be feeling

accountable for not giving proper attention to someone close

to you. You will also try to find resolution to your unattended

domestic crisis. Nevertheless your family may give you

unconditional support that will help you get through these

challenges despite of your differences. On the other hand,

businessmen and freelancers may have an advantage for a

profitable deal this week that may help you strengthen the

future your financial status. This week may also lead you to

unhealthy diet, so watch out for digestive disturbances.

Pisces: Do not dream about success work hard for it. This

week your working etiquette may be measured. You may be

given more workloads unexpectedly in a very minimum time

frame. Your progress will be measured as days pass and

you will take this as another opportunity for your future

career growth. Businessmen will be in a very smooth

position this week due to the favorable results of your earlier

investments. On the other hand you may also be occupied

accompanying some friends for social gatherings, despite

your busy schedule you may still manage to take care of

your love ones.

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