“We have touched the hearts of the consumer”

“We have touched the hearts of the consumer”

By Nidhi Kumari

The hassle of cooking in the demanding and busy lives we are engaged with often lead us to eating unhealthy junk food items or skipping the meal altogether. While you had been missing your ‘ghar ka khana’ in ‘pardes’ Shana Foods came to your rescue.  They assert serving the ‘First South Asian Frozen Food’, using the finest ingredients devoid of flavours and preservatives, guaranteeing both quality and taste.

Food items from Shana are easy to cook and made with atmost care to maintain high level of hygine and quality standards using best ingredients, thereby adding up convince to your kitchen and satiating your taste bud.

Indus Age spoke to Hitesh Modi – Director Asia Pacific, Shana Foods, the pioneers and market leaders of frozen exotic veggies, snacks, South Asian flatbreads and more…and established as most preferred ethnic frozen food brand in UK and Canada since more than 20 years…

Shana Foods has been offering that ‘Ghar Ke Khane wala Swaad’, for a very long time in Australia. What do you think, has clicked with the consumers that they desire for Shana Foods?

Customers are always seeking convenience and quality.  At Shana we have touched the hearts of the consumer by serving them products just as they grew up enjoying, anytime any day.

Any business venture or profession involves risk, and food is considered a perishable entity and involves risk but at the same time without food there’s no life. What do you think?

Food safety and quality assurance are paramount at Shana, working only with the highest accreditation we continue to invest in better technology and process.  All our products are individually quick frozen so to lock in all of nature’s freshness and taste.  We never use preservatives, and no artificial colourings or flavours go into making Shana products.

 Indian taste bud is full of variety and spice, the taste changes and the demand for something new arises at all times. What has been done to keep the Indian taste buds gratified?

Consumers are always discovering newer foods and flavours.  At Shana, our team is always close to the consumer and at the forefront of bringing to the market new and existing foods that satisfy the taste buds and soul. Our passion for authenticity and focus on world flavours keeps the consumers taste buds gratified.

Taste is important, but health is indispensable with regards to food. How has Shana Foods been able to take care of that?

To enrich lives with the discovery of true taste of exotic cultures is critical to our success.  When combed with a health brush we constantly challenge ourselves to create products that meet the health concerned consumer, whenever possible.

To survive in a market that already has multiple competitors is commendable. What has been your approach to cope with the fluctuating marketing conditions, competitions, et all?

Competition, market condition, and changing consumer trends is always fluctuating.  And it is our prime objective to lead and direct the category in the prime interest of the consumer.  We constantly push our boundary by developing products that give us the leading edge.

 What are the products you feel is a must try from Shana Foods?

Every product is a must try, but if you had to choose, my favourite three would be Shana Punjabi Samosa, followed by Shana Paratha and third must try product is Shana Okra.

What makes Shana Foods different from the others?

To be best in class underpins all that we do.  Building a passionate team empowered to push boundaries and deliver an amazing experience is what we wake up for and we will only serve the best products to our customer. With zero compromise on taste, convenience and quality, from the first bit to every bit. Is what makes us different from everyone else.

What are the future projects for Shana Foods?

Our NPD and marketing team are busy developing some amazing new products, and we all at Shana are so excited.  We will soon be serving, so keep an eye out at your nearest Shana stockist.

Your message for food lovers:

If flowers were the expression of love, let food be the expression of happiness….

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