Watch yourself become a master of one of the very foundations of life! A master of habit

By Adam Bugaj

We’ve all had this New Year’s Eve stroke of genius:

“From Monday, I’m going to start exercising every single day – No matter what!”

Great idea… In theory.

The motivation felt on day 1 is fantastic, empowering, and it spurs us on to set ambitious goals (“I’m going to run half an hour every day”)…

But, the minute motivation dips, (and trust me, it will when the world is racing around you), our daily half hour becomes an insurmountable task, lost in the chaos of the day.

The problem here isn’t that we’re unmotivated or unable; we’re not: It’s often that we just we don’t know how to make the change stick. We don’t know how to build habits.

Let me show you ‘HOW’:

Step 1. Make your habit tiny.

Your first step is to identify the smallest possible behaviour – which still makes an impact – Your “tiny, tiny habit”.

If you don’t make your behaviour ‘tiny’ to start with, you’ll struggle to make it stick.

To build the habit of daily exercise, why not start with something simple – so simple and easy, in fact, that you never have an excuse to miss?

My all-time favourites?

– 1 pushup every morning, or

–  A 10 second plank every morning.

You’re not going to get much of a workout here, but that’s not the idea. The key is that you can, with very little effort, instantly become a person who exercises daily.

Keep the discipline going every single day – and later – whether in a few days, weeks, or even months – you can gradually expand on your habit and build to 2, 5, 10 pushups, or even a full morning workout!

Step 2. Insert your tiny habit into your current routine.

I’d be willing to bet that most mornings, your routine is pretty similar.

Instead of creating a brand new routine (which will be tougher to stick to), just make 1 key change by inserting your new tiny habit in between existing, automatic behaviours.

For example, “After I brush my teeth, and before I have my shower, I will do my 1 pushup for the day.” (build to 2, 5, 10, and beyond!)

Simple. Easy. Done.

No excuse will get you out of this one.

Step 3. Celebrate your wins.

The final step is to reinforce your newfound good behaviour.

A reward is crucial in building a new habit, as this becomes the reason you’re motivated to do the behaviour.

Once your brain begins to crave the reward, the habit becomes… Effortless.

Try this on for size:

  • In our example above, ONLY allow yourself to use the hot water in your shower, if you’ve completed your daily pushup.

These three simple principles apply to any habit – in any chosen endeavour.

Just remember this key:

Every single day, just perform your tiny behaviour immediately after the chosen existing behaviour, and reward yourself for following through.

Practice implementing tiny habits in your daily routine, and watch yourself become a master of one of the very foundations of life – a master of habit.

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