Want to win people’s confidence by action: Modi

Want to win people’s confidence by action: Modi

2New Delhi, Sep 21 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he would like to win the confidence of people by his action rather than his speeches.

“If I can win the confidence of the people of India, not from my speeches but by actions, then the power of 1.25 billion Indians will come together to take the country forward,” Modi said in an exclusive interview to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, telecast fully Sunday.

Asked what he would like people to say about his achievements in the first year in office, he said: “The biggest thing is that the people of the country have faith. That trust should never break. The public should have faith that this is the government they elected, and it’s trying to work for their welfare with honesty and commitment. That’s the biggest thing.”

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