“VITAMIN’s Ozvaganza, utilising India’s cultural heritage in decking up the modern woman”, Vishwajeet Pradhan

“VITAMIN’s Ozvaganza, utilising India’s cultural   heritage in decking up the modern woman”,   Vishwajeet Pradhan

3 4By-Nidhi Kumari

You have known him as the bad guy of the Indian film industry playing both major

and minor roles with full force and impact. He made a mark in the Indian

television industry with his character, ‘Kalavati’ in Ek Boond Ishq. Unafraid of

doing roles of any kind, and exhibiting each character with an impression on the

audience, Vishwajeet Pradhan, the versatile actor, spoke to Indus Age. The actor

has moved to Australia with his beautiful wife, Sonalika Pradhan who has made an

imprint in the fashion industry with her exclusive designs and fashionable clothing

sense. While designer, Sonalika is busy promoting her upcoming Australian

fashion show and exhibition, VITAMIN’s Ozvaganza to be held on 24th and 25th of

October, 2015, we caught up with Vishwajeet for a conversation where he talked

about his wife’s ‘VITAMIN by Sonalika Pradhan’, actress Raveena Tandon as the

special guest at Ozvaganza, his journey in the film industry, his prospects of acting

in Australian films, and a lot more. Excerpts:

You have been associated with the film industry for a very long time now.

Your roles or characters, no matter how small or major, have always been

impactful. What would you like to say on that?

Yes. I have been very fortunate to be a part of the Indian film Industry for the past

25 years. The first role on television was with Shahrukh Khan in,’fauji’…… & in

films of course, I could not have asked for a better launch pad than the evergreen

showman Feroz Khan’s Yalgaar opposite Sanjay Dutt. Approximately 200 films in

25 years, with topmost directors, actors, producers, worked with almost everybody.

It’s been a wonderful journey.. enriching, educational & fulfilling.

We have seen you play, characters, that are villainous or antagonistic in

nature. Your comments on that?

Without Ravan ..the value of Bhagwan Ram would be lost on people. Without

chillies…laal mirchi ..paani puri or chaat won’t exist !So is the villain. Some very

major roles in hit films…some not so big..some got edited..some were miniscule

but crucial turning points in the story. As a villain I got paid to do murders,

kidnappings, took bribes as a corrupt cop or a politician. Where else in life can you

do all this and receive praise/claps/awards in the end. In one life I have lived many


Now that you’ve shifted to Australia, are we going to see you act in films from

the Australian film industry?

Yes definitely. Though the scope is much smaller here but the potential is

immense. The combination of local talent, great locations, facilities along with

bollywood expertise can do wonders. At the same time I can experiment with

English theatre and films.

Your business venture ‘VITAMIN’, with your beautiful wife; Sonalika

Pradhan, is coming up with a fashion show, ‘Ozvaganza’. Tell us something

about that.

Sonalika has been busy designing for her luxury clothing brand “VITAMIN by

Sonalika Pradhan” & orchestrating events all over. Ozvaganza is an offshoot of our

travels in Melbourne. Wherever we went shopping the material/dresses available

were extremely disappointing. There’s a large expatriate population here that

deserves better quality clothes for its hard earned dollars. More bang for its money.

At the same time the local people also need to see the colours of the subcontinent,

realise the great strides our celebrity designers have taken in utilising India’s

cultural heritage in decking up the modern woman. Ozvaganza is bringing together

some of the best not just from India..but Pakistan, Dubai, South Africa & Australia

for the fashion show on 24th October & the exhibition on 25th October.

With a fashion designer at home, do you feel you have an edge over others, to

look more fashionable and trendy?

It definitely is but for me comfort is more important than style. I prefer to keep

things simple. But yes for simplicity also you require taste and there she definitely


Talking about VITAMIN’s ‘Ozvaganza’, one of the most stylish and gorgeous

looking film celebrities, Mrs. Raveen Tandon will be a special guest at the

show. What do you have to say on that?

Raveena is one of the highly successful, popular and trendsetting heroines of

Bollywood who opted to retire at the peak of her career. She had the foresight and

courage to give priority to life now…live now and not postpone living for the sake

of a stretched out film career. With her style, grace and popularity Raveena is the

perfect face of Ozvaganza 2015.

What are your other upcoming projects?

Since the past four years I have been busier on television. Earlier playing

Bramhanand Jakhar in Star Plus’ Maryaada & till sometime back in Life OK’s Ek

Boond Ishq, where I played Kalavati….a very controversial as well as a popular

character of a kinnar who had to live, for the sake of society as politician Rudra

Pratap. Also my forthcoming films include, 1 13 7(Ek Tera sath), My Friend

Ganesha part 4, Aasma.

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