Victorian Government and the community vindicated on RDA

Victorian Government and the community vindicated on RDA

6Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, Matthew Guy has applauded the Prime Minister’s announcement that the Commonwealth will not proceed with proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA).

“The Victorian Government believes that this is a victory for common sense,” Mr Guy said.

“The Commonwealth’s decision vindicates the Victorian Government’s public support of the RDA in its current form. I am proud of the Victorian Government’s leadership on this issue.

“The importance of the RDA to Victoria’s Indigenous, multicultural and multi-faith communities has been made very clear by Victoria’s peak organisations and community leaders, who expressed concern about the proposed changes.

“The Victorian Government was one of the first to express a strong view in favour of retaining section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, and opposing the changes proposed in the exposure draft. While others remained silent, the Victorian Government made it very clear that the Commonwealth should not weaken current protections in place.

“The Napthine Government strongly believes that the RDA will continue to serve our nation well. It sets a benchmark of acceptable behaviour; it contributes to our social cohesion; and it underpins our firm belief that cultural and religious diversity is one of Victoria’s and Australia’s greatest strengths,” Mr Guy said.

“The Victorian Government remains resolute in opposing any form of discrimination or vilification based on an individual’s race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, or for any other reason.”

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