Victoria Police v Indian Community Cricket Match

Victoria Police v Indian Community Cricket Match

cricketMonday Jan 27th Last year the Victoria Police played representatives from the Indian Community “Indigos Cricket Team” for the inaugural Community Cricket Game. In 2012 & 2013 the game was played on Melbourne on Australia Day to coincide with India Republic Day and was won by the Indian Community “Indigos” Cricket Team.

Indigos Cricket Club was conceptualized in 2006 by a few of the senior players, with the intention of getting the Indian sub continent community in involved in sport in Melbourne. The love of cricket runs in the blood of this community which includes people from Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani or Bangladeshi backgrounds. Part of the initial goal was to make the community the majority of which were students feel at home in Melbourne and at the same time create a platform for budding players of Indian sub continent descent game at a competitive level.

There are approximately 15000 Indian students currently studying in Melbourne. Many of these students come to Melbourne with little or no contacts within our community. The Indigos Cricket Club has been established to assist newly arrived students assimilate into our culture through their association.

January 26th has a dual meaning for the Australian- Indian community who also celebrate the day as the Indian Republic Day. January 26th as Republic Day when India formally adopted its new constitution and became a republic and indeed the largest real republic in the world.

In what has become an annual event, members of the Indian community playing from different clubs in Mercantile Cricket Association will take on members of the Victoria Police in a friendly 20/20 bash. Police members playing in the team will be represented from Caroline Springs, Melbourne West, Transit Police and supported by members of the (VPCC) Victoria Police Cricket Club. Among the police members will be ex-Victorian cricket player Senior Constable Rob Bartlett.

This years game is being played on Monday January 27th Holiday) at the Sunshine Heights Cricket Club, Glengala Road Sunshine. The game is set to be great entertainment. Victoria Police and the Indian Community Cricket Team would appreciate the general public supporting this event. The coin toss by Assistant Commissioner Andrew Crisp is at 12pm and the game starts at 12.15pm. , 2014 Ainsworth Reserve, Glengala Road Sunshine was chosen in 1950


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