Ukraine orders disarming of agitators

Ukraine orders disarming of agitators

8Kiev, April 1 ¬†Ukraine’s parliament Tuesday passed a resolution to disarm illegal armed groups that have sprang up across the country during its political crisis.

According to the resolution’s explanatory note, military and security officials should carry out the immediate disarming of illegitimate armed formations due to the worsening criminal situation in Ukraine, Xinhua reported.

The use of non-sanctioned arms had led to several deaths and injuries across the country, the document said.

Provocateurs, who included citizens of other countries, often used illegal weapons to commit unlawful provocative acts in the capital and the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, it said.

Three people were injured Monday in a shooting incident near a restaurant close to Independence Square in downtown Kiev, the centre of a three-month protest against ousted president Viktor Yanukovych.

A 33-year-old suspect, reportedly from the right-wing Right Sector group, was detained by police in connection with the incident, the interior ministry said.

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