Ukraine agrees to pay gas debt to Russia: EU

Ukraine agrees to pay gas debt to Russia: EU

14Berlin, May 27 (IANS) Ukraine has agreed to start paying a gas debt it owed to Russia in a bid to resolve a gas supply dispute between the two countries, European Union Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said here Monday.

Ukraine agreed to pay $2 billion back to Russia by Thursday for the gas delivered since July last year, Xinhua quoted Oettinger as saying in a press conference after a meeting with Ukraine Energy Minister Yuri Prodan and his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak.

The deal was subject to the approval of governments of both sides, Oettinger said, adding that further talks would be held Friday in Berlin.

The three officials have met twice for solutions to dispute over gas imports from Russia to Ukraine.

According to Russia, Ukraine has not paid for the gas it imported in full for months, accumulating a debt of over $3.5 billion. Russia has threatened that if Ukraine failed to pay the bill by the end of May, it would supply gas on a pre-payment basis from June.

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