Two policemen stabbed at Jakarta mosque

Two policemen stabbed at Jakarta mosque

A suspected militant stabbed two policemen at a mosque near the police headquarters in Jakarta, officials said.

The knife-wielding man was shot dead after he attacked the policemen at 7.40 (local time) just after a pray at Falatehan mosque in South Jakarta, Indonesia’s national police spokesman Inspector General Setyo Wasisto said.

“Several members of the Police Brigade Corps were praying with others. When the pray finished, suddenly a person took his knife and launched an attack,” Xinhua news agency quoted Wasisto as saying.

The policemen were injured in their chests and faces, while the attacker escaped the mosque, the spokesman said.

Other policemen pursued the man and shot dead the attacker after he waved his knife in a threatening manner, he said.

The two wounded officers were being treated in a nearby hospital, Wasisto added.

Policemen have been chosen as targets of attack by militants recently.

Last week, two militants linked with the global IS terrorist group launched a knife attack at police office in North Sumatra province, killing one police officer.

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