Travellers Urged to Plan Ahead with Airport Delays Expected on Monday

Travellers Urged to Plan Ahead with Airport Delays Expected on Monday

People travelling overseas on Monday 9 November are being urged to arrive at the airport early to avoid possible delays due to protected industrial action.


The Department has been advised that some employees, including from the Australian Border Force (ABF), who are members of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), will take part in the action at international airports, ports, container examination facilities and international mail facilities.

“The Department is making arrangements to minimise the impact on travellers at our international airports as much as possible,” Assistant Commissioner Clive Murray, from the ABF’s Strategic Border Command, said.

“Some delays are still expected and those planning on travelling overseas on Monday are encouraged to arrive early at the airport, and then to proceed directly to border clearance.

“We will work to provide the best service we can, allocating available resources where they are needed. The health, safety and security of the public and our staff continues to be our priority.

“Despite the action by the CPSU, Australia’s borders will remain secure as a result of the contingency arrangements put in place by the Department.”

The CPSU has encouraged members to impede the movement of low risk goods and to delay the release of legitimate cleared goods to the community from cargo and mail centres.  These bans are unnecessary and the Department has stated it is not prepared to pay employees for partial performance of duties.

“It is disappointing that the CPSU is seeking to impose these impacts on the community while the Department works hard to deliver a revised enterprise agreement offer that is consistent with the Government’s bargaining framework,” Assistant Commissioner Murray said.

“Less than a week after the Government announced changes to the bargaining policy, notices of PIA from the CPSU resumed without even waiting to see what the Department is able to offer.”

Members of the public are encouraged to visit the Department’s website ( or its Facebook and Twitter accounts for regular updates.

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