To all the dearest father….

a b c dBy Nidhi Kumari

He’s someone you look up to when you don’t know where to go, he’s someone

who stands by your side when there’s no one around. He’s your buddy; he’s your

guiding light. He acts strict and stern but you know lies beneath his heart a loving


He’s your partner at teasing mom; he’s your partner at play. He lets you win all the

games and feigns to have lost (you know it that he’s lost on purpose). He’s your

best friend.

To, the daughters he is someone they look for in their husbands, for the sons he’s

their best pal. You can bare your heart in front of him, without any fear because

you know there won’t be any judgments attached.

He’s the first person to point your faults and the first to feel proud when you fare

well. He listens to your never ending talks, he laughs and jokes along.

He’s the saddest being when you are sad and the happiest when you smile. He’s

someone always by your side; he’s your loving Dad!

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