Three children, teacher killed in China school stabbing

Three children, teacher killed in China school stabbing

22Beijing, Sep 2 (IANS) A stabbing spree in a Chinese school has left three children and a teacher dead Monday.

Chen Yanfu, 43, who was upset that his daughter was not allowed to register at the school, rampaged through classrooms of Dongfang Primary School, stabbing students and teachers, in Yunxi county in central China’s Hubei province Monday morning, Xinhua reported.

The fourth victim teacher Liu was stabbed in the chest and stomach. She died around 8 p.m., Xinhua quoted an official source as saying.

Liu and eight students were rushed to hospitals.

Three pupils, two boys and a girl, died on the way, while another student was severely injured in the chest. Four other students have been stable.

Chen, later, jumped to death from the fifth floor after he was tackled by a teacher.

Fu Qingyu, the school’s headmaster, said Chen did not say a word after entering classrooms, just pulled out a knife and started stabbing anyone within reach.

According to Fu, Chen took his daughter to the school for registration Sunday, but a teacher told him she had not completed her summer vacation assignment and asked him to ensure she finish it at home. There was no quarrel between the teacher and Chen Sunday, he added.

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