‘Tholi Prema Katha’ funded by friends: Director

‘Tholi Prema Katha’ funded by friends: Director

17Chennai, March 25 (IANS)┬áVasanth Dayakar says his Telugu directorial debut “Tholi Prema Katha”, releasing in cinemas Friday, has been made thanks to funds contributed by around 25 of his friends.

“Nearly 25 close friends pitched in to help me complete this film. I’m extremely thankful to them because had it not been for them, my film would still in the script form. It’s an entertaining love story made on a shoestring budget,” Vasanth told IANS.

Vasanth’s film will lock horns with Balakrishna-starrer big-budget film “Legend” Friday.

“We are competing with ‘Legend’ because we don’t know if we will get another week to release our film. Lately, each week nearly four to five films are releasing. It’s tough to find screens when you’re releasing with so many films,” he said.

“We are under pressure for releasing our film alongside ‘Legend’, but I think this is the best week we could get as all other films backed out. We have targeted the smaller screens, as many as possible,” he added.

The film features Siddu, Anil, Nikita and Kanika Tiwari in lead roles.

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