The Son of Punjab Bobby Deol talks to Indus Age

Compiled by-Nidhi Kumari

You know him for his romantic, thriller and action films. He is the son of the veteran actor Dharmendra. He bowled you over with his loving smile. He’s none other than, ‘Bobby Deol’. The Punjabiyon di Shaan, Bobby Deol is in Australia promoting, ‘Ramta Jogi’ which is an emotional romantic film being presented under ‘Vijayata Production’ which is the Deol’s home production banner. The actor was seen getting casual and candid in an exclusive interview with Indus Age where he talked about his visit to Australia, his production’s first venture into Punjabi films, his kids and a lot more. Excerpts:

You are visiting Australia after almost 15 years, when you shot film Soldier here. What do you feel coming back?

Yes, it is long time, but it is nice to be back in Australia. When I was here last, I really enjoyed being here. I see that our community has really increased now. We see a lot of our people all around which is great and that’s why I am here to promote our film, ‘Ramta Jogi’, it’s a film that we are presenting under our own banner, Vijayata films. It’s a Punjabi film, it has Deep Sidhu, who is like a family, a brother and a friend to me, so I just hope that people like this film when it releases on 14th August.

We don’t see you much on screen these days. Are you just staying away or planning to come with a bang.

The thing is that I have been waiting for a nice script to come across for a couple of years and finally I have met this director, Vivek Chauhan who is a first time film maker and he had some great ideas so luckily we gelled really well and we are doing a film together which will start by October that’s the reason why I have been sporting this different look of mine.

Ramta Jogi, is a film of your home production, is there any plan or thoughts of directing a film like your brother?

All I can say is that my brother is directing a film which is a sequel of Ghayal. May be, one day I will direct too, because it’s amazing to create your own film. It’s something you always want to do because as an actor when you are shooting, you are doing a scene and you want it to be in a different way, so maybe one day if I have it in me to direct, I will.

You are from a film legacy family. Dharmendra Ji, your brother and now you are going to launch your nephew very shortly. Are your kids also planning to come in this arena?

I think it is too early for that. I am not thinking about it. But definitely a father would love his kids to be in the same profession as him. As of now, I want my kids to study. My kids are very good at this. So, I want them to concentrate on studies and look at other avenues, think of other professions so that they have things to look forward to other than an actor. So, for me, I want my sons to study hard for now. Eventually, I am sure they will want to be in films, as there’s no business like show business. Everyone wants to be a part of this field of profession.

The films in which your father, brother and you have played together like Apne and Yamla Pagla Deewana have been smash hits. Any plan of coming together again in future.

We really want to do a film together. But it’s just that the scripts are most important. Once we get that then only can we speak about it. We are searching and looking for ideas that will work and surely will do a film together.

You are promoting a Punjabi film, Ramta Jogi which is under your own home production banner, Why did you decide to present this film and not any other?
We are presenting a Punjabi film for the people of Punjab. Vijayata films, is a banner started by my father and we have made some amazing films starting from Betaab.

Deep (Sidhu) is very close to us and what better way to get in Punjabi films than Deep’s film. It is directed by Guddu Dhanoa who is my uncle, my cousin Vijay Dhanoa is one of the executive producers so it is like a family film which is why I am looking forward to this film. I hope that everything goes well. I want everyone to watch this film in cinemas because that’s what makes films happen.

A new boy, Deep Sidhu being launched in Ramta Jogi. Do you see any similarity between you and him when you were young and new in industry?

I think every person who begins his career, from the first day of his shoot to the day the film releases, there’s a lot of high in your life, excitement, insecurities and I do see that in Deep because he’s all the time on the edge and excited and lost a little bit. But he’s a hardworking boy who has handled the whole film by himself including the production. And I am sure his dedication will be appreciated by the audience when they watch him on screen.

Your first film Barsaat was a super hit film, do you feel Ramta Jogi will do the same for Deep Sidhu.

Every film maker wishes that his film does well and become a big hit. We cannot predict what movies do well and what don’t. So, we don’t know the outcome but I do know that it’s a nice film. In Punjab cinema there is always a fresh breath when you see it and I think it’s one of those kinds of films that haven’t come out for a very long time. It is an emotional love story. I am sure people are waiting to see something like that and they will like it. Times have changed and people want to see new faces and novelty in films. So we are hopeful.

The Australian distributor of your film Ramta Jogi- Mr. Vvikas Paul of ‘Friends India Entertaainment’ has deep and old relations with your production company. Any special expectations from him for your current film Ramta Jogi.

His dad is a legend in this field and he’s a great guy I am sure he will keep up his Dad’s name like all of us. We all have to look up to our father. He’s very confident and very positive. It is really nice to meet him as I met him few years back, but that was different times and now to be together is great. I am sure he will do all his best to make this film release properly all over and promote it as his own film.

Any message that you have for your fans Down Under?

It is great to be here. I am happy that I have got a chance to come back in Sydney. All this brings back the old memories that I have of old days. I wish my fans all the best and I hope all your dreams come true. Don’t forget to be a good human being before you do anything in life. Take care.

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