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Pujya Gurudev’s Birth Centenary Celebrations, 1916 – 2016

What is the use of wealth without the robust health to enjoy it? How much do

these health problems impact our lives, inhibiting our performance, not allowing us to achieve our potential? In my role as a Chiropractor, I see so many people with chronic health problems such as back pain and headache. In an age of technological marvel, why are these complaints still common? Is it we just haven’t arrived at a solution or is it that perhaps we do not look in the right place? Often we don’t realize what we are doing in our lifestyle to contribute to the problem. We seem unaware of how our moods, stresses and anxieties contribute to our general state of health.

During my training the influence of such things as diet, exercise and mental state were never formally discussed. Thankfully now these factors have been studied extensively and yet people still arrive at my door? It would be prudent to ask why this is the case.

During these insightful talks Swami Swaroopananda will share his own health journey, describing how the wisdom of the ancients connect the dots for us. He will take us through how body, mind and spirit are all interconnected and how they not only profoundly influence our health, but how we can master their management to live a fulfilled, happy, productive, healthy life.

ByDr Kaushal Bhuta, Chiropractor & VP, Chinmaya Mission



Meditation is a simple natural technique. This type of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing powers of concentration and effort. Evidence based research studies on Meditation have documented its effectiveness for stress related conditions, brain function and more.

Wellness benefits are wide ranging and include

 Greater inner calm throughout the day

 Reduced cortisol (“stress hormone”)

 Normalised blood pressure

 Reduced insomnia

 Lower risk of heart attack and stroke

 Reduced anxiety and depression

 Improved brain function and memory


Mediation has been derived from the ancient Vedas. Its value in the west became prominent in the 1960’s. When meditating, the person transcends the ordinary mundane thinking process by using a mantra. Once transcendence occurs beyond the sense organs (eyes and ears etc closed) and the mind fixed upon one thought or scene or form, the meditator then gets glimpses of a state of pure consciousness. In this state he or she achieves perfect stillness, rest and a complete absence of mental boundaries. In due course, the meditator can effortlessly glide into this state of “being” and experience a strange form of natural bliss formed within. Even if this experience is for a few moments, it is a supremely restful phenomenon.

By- Dr Rahul Suri, General Practitioner



By H.H. Swami Swaroopananda

Tuesday 24 November to Friday 27 November 2015, 7.30 to 9.00 PM

Regdum Function Centre

2 Lane St,Wentworthville

NSW – 2145

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