The Gurukull: A platform for cultural and educational exchange

The Gurukull: A platform for cultural and educational exchange

The Gurukull is an organisation where educational activities are held in a fun filled manner. Children and senior citizens are the prime focus of this organization. The Gurukull aims to keep the cultural and traditional practices strong among the kids by teaching Hindi, arranging cultural activities, etc.,it also aims to help the senior citizens with plethora of entertaining, educational and enriching activities every single day.

Founded by Narinder Garg & Manisha Garg, ‘The Gurukull’ runs regular Hindi classes in Craigieburn every Saturday 11 am to 12 pm at the Connections@Craigiburn, 59 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn.  The classes are attended by many students accompanied by parents.

crime1Hindi is taught through innovative methods  by Manisha Garg and Bhupinder Kahlon who has been teaching Hindi at Kilmore international school for over 8-9 years now.

Apart from this many other events have been organized by The Gurukull.

These include, Independence Day celebrations at Indian Counsulate Melbourne  which enthralled the audience, Parents and students alike.

The Gurukul’s Chopaal which is an Australian Indian Senior citizen Club,

is running weekly every Tuesday 6.30 to 7.30 pm ,at Conectons @ Cragieburn, 59 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn .

Chopaal (Australian Indian Senior citizen Club), had organized a Migration Knowledge session in September sponsored by the SK Migration Service. It dealt with different visa issues and had a session on senior’s migration difficulties and solutions. The question-answer session on this subject was interesting where paid visa for parents was widely discussed. The answers to exclusive questions were given by Mandeep Sandhu and Ashish.

Among those who attended the migration event were Narinder  Garg, Manoj Kumar, Rajkumar , Aloke Kumar, Aakash Kumar, Deepak Vinyak, Goldy Sharma, Manisha Garg, and Gurninder Singh ,Chetan among others.

Mandeep explained the process of applying for visa scheme and how they can be of help in it.

The Gurukul Chopaal also organised another successful information session on yoga and Ayurved by Dr Kushagra Bendale.

Many activities for the senior citizens, like light chair and laughing yoga by trainer Gurbeen Kaur who is a qualified yoga instructor was also organized.

The Gurukul’s Chopaal also gives seniors an insight on IT Knowledge. Shalini Loomba , and other team members of Gurukul skillfully do this from time to  time.

Computer literacy which includes use of computers, IPads, Google, Facebook ,You Tube ,What’s app etc. to keep them abreast with the advanced world and make them communicate with others and increase their knowledge is provided.


Cultural activities like folk songs and music activities are also a part of ‘The Gurukul Chopaal’s activities. Games like tambola ,chutkle ,poetry writing and recitation keep them engaged and entertained.



To know further about ‘The Gurukul’ contact:

Narinder Garg at 0431123045

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