The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association seeks support. Come join a cause!

The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association seeks support. Come join a cause!

12GCHCA is pleased to inform the public of the final outcome of the Development Application (DA) for a Hindu Cultural Precinct in Gold Coast.
The Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) has approved the Development Application (DA) for the Hindu precinct consisting of a place of worship, multi-purpose hall, Education centre, cultural education centre, community hall, community square and caretaker’s residence. As you may recall, GCHCA lodged this DA a while ago with the Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) for theproperty location at 9 Dunkirk Close, Arundel.

This monumental achievement would not have been possible without the close co-operation of the entire community. The support of the community has been rock solid. We received support in numerous and unexpected ways. Apart from joining in the GCHCA membership initiatives like Life membership and Thousand Families for Murugan, community volunteers devoted many hours helping the GCHCA in many other ways like joining us in our food stall at theGold Coast Multicultural Festival, volunteering at the GCHCA navaratri festival, etc. Even our DA was prepared with the help of voluntary services provided by the architects, engineers and the likes from the community. This victory belongs to the community and GCHCA sincerely wishes to thank the community for backing this project.

As we rejoice and move towards the next stage, we may need to depend on the community even further. We look forward to your continued participation.

The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association seeks the ongoing support of members of the community to take this vision to the second stage. Please contact us for further information regarding the various ways you could join the initiative.

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