The forbidden fort of ‘Bhooli Bhatyari’.

The forbidden fort of ‘Bhooli Bhatyari’.


Located near Jhandewalan metro station, Bhooli Bhatyari built as a hunting lodge by Firoz Shah in the late 14th century is one of many historical monuments which could’nt make it to the Delhi tourism list of ‘places to visit’. Though the huge statue of Lord Hanuman located near the fort has been featured in most Bollywood movies shot in Delhi. Bhooli bhatyari still remains unknown to the tourists with all its mysteries.dsc_6416

‘Haunted’ as the people say, is the best word that describes the aura around this place. The feeling of misfortune could be sensed even in the first breathe. If you ever think of visiting the for, these 5 reason’s  will support you.

  • Confined in small area the fort spreads its lush green dynasty over a large area, attracting visitors who love greenery, few birds and animals like peacock and snakes are easily spot here which makes the day . So if you are one from this category , this place is just for you.
  • Irritated from your daily routine and the loud noises of your boss ,traffic and other people when you look for peace, you can’t find it .‘Peace and silence’ surrounds the fort , this place is silent enough to hear the chirping sounds of birds from a distant place.
  • Most of the monuments open to visitors are often overcrowded with families using it as a picnic spot or the usual love birds getting cosy, most of times the view gets annoying especially when someone’s disturbed and looking for privacy. ‘Lonely’ this word describes the no of visitors over here, except few local population that hangs around the monument. So if you are someone who likes to visit places which is least crowded .Hurry up!! , start making plans.
  • Photo fanatics, if you love to click and flaunt your photography skills ,it is like all other forts but the twin entrance make it a great spot for photography you should visit sometime.
  • History Buffers– if you are a person who loves to solve mysteries just for the sake of curiosity , this place has a lot to offer from ‘the reason for being termed as Haunted’ to ‘why and how this place got its name Bhooli bhatyari’ , there are so many stories that people speak about this fort which will urge you to visit this place again and again.


There is a Bund (embankment) encircling the entire structure, but it is visible only in certain places now, the rest weathered away or eaten up by the village roads. This place is open for visitors but entry is restricted after 5:30 p.m.

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