felsWho is the Fels Wage Fairness Panel?

The Fels Wage Fairness Panel (the Panel) is an independent Panel established to investigate the underpayment of wages by 7-Eleven and determine compensation

for underpaid staff. The Panel is led by Professor Allan Fels AO and Professor David Cousins AM. The Panel was established by 7-Eleven however they are not represented on the Panel nor are we subject to direction from 7-Eleven.

The Panel has license to continue receiving andprocessing claims up until July

2016 with the potential for extension if the Panel deems it necessary.

The Panel has implemented an engagement strategy to reach out to all past and present 7-Eleven staff to make them aware of the Panel and to encourage them to submit a claim if they feel they were underpaid.

What is the process to submit a claim?

The Panel has established the processes and infrastructure necessary to assess a large amount of claims. The Panel aims to ensure we handle all claims in a fair, transparent and efficient manner. The investigation of claims is a complex process and can take time to assess. The process is as follows:

  1. 7-Eleven staff can submit their claim via our call centre on 1800 619 802 or our website
  2. The Panel will assess the claim based on the documents and evidence provided by the claimant and 7-Eleven.
  3. The Panel will determine the amount owed to the claimant. This figure will be a gross figure and will be comprised of dollars paid on account of ordinary hours, overtime, annual leave, long service leave

and any other entitlements relevant to the claimant’s situation.

  1. The Panel will inform the successful claimant of their determined compensation amount for them to accept.
  2. The Panel will forward the amount to be paid to the claimant to 7-Eleven’s established entity Independent Claims Pty Ltd.
  3. Independent Claims Pty Ltd will then process the payment and transfer the net figure to the claimant’s nominated bank account and send the claimants PAYG as confirmation to claimant and to the Panel.

Does the Panel inform claimant’s franchisee they have made a claim?

The Panel does not inform franchisees that their staff have submitted

a claim.

Does the Panel require claimant’s Visa details?

The Panel does not need or collect Visa information to process a


Does the Panel charge a service fee?

Submitting a claim to the Panel and receiving compensation for unpaid wages is free. Claimants do not require legal representation to submit a claim and receive their unpaid wages, however claimants can seek legal advice at any stage during the process.

Who is responsible for the payment process?

7-Eleven head office is responsible for the payments to successful claimants and is committed to compensating all determinations recommended by the Panel.

Contributed By: Professor Allan Fels

The head of the Fels Wage Fairness Panel



Twitter: @Fels_Panel

Ph.: 1800 619 802

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