The ever increasing digital focus!

The ever increasing digital focus!

By Ashish Shah

Writing an article for physical media in digital age is equally a challenge and an honour. Effective and balanced adoption of digital technologies enable social, economic and environmental betterment. In digital ecosystem; opportunities for collaboration, innovation and ‘net’working are becoming increasingly open and accessible to wider community at a faster pace than earlier revolutionary changes through civilisation.

photo1We still love our printed media but will we continue to love for ever?, if not forever; for many generations at least. Since few decades the disruption and market capture by digital media and electronic platforms is huge but each now have their established share (and will have it for while). Similarly, radio and TV broadcasting services will still have their market but competition from new ways of delivery and exchange of media content will continue to emerge.

Technological infrastructure, tech savvy community and adoption/ viable disruptions providing efficiency and productivity gains are key ingredients of the digital age. Continuous improvement and competition were in existence throughout the history but pace, scale and impact through digital technologies (internet, gps, smartphones, apps and wearables to name a few) are challenging many status quos of commercial enterprises, Governments and community culture. Safe, adequate and affordable (value for money) digital infrastructure is an essential backbone for people, businesses and governments to connect, grow and explore new opportunities still to be eventuate to improve our lifestyles and livelihoods.

Let’s continue to interact on this column exploring and sharing benefits and precautions of established and upcoming digital technologies. This time let’s start with basic alphabets resembling famous smartphone apps.

A for ApplePay, B for Bump, C for Chrome , D for DropBox , E for EventBrite,  F for Facebook, G for Google Cast , H for Hangouts , I for Instagram , J for JetStar, K for Kindle , L for LinkedIn ,   M for MeetUp, N for News , O for Outlook, P for Periscope , Q for QR Reader, R for Rewardle , S for Skype, T for Twitter, U for Uber , V for Viber,  W for Whatsapp, X for  XE, Y for YouTube, Z for Zedge.

You can suggest your version/ alternatives at to cover in the future article.


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