Thailand Property Market – Bird’s Eye View

Thailand Property Market – Bird’s Eye View

By Jaydeep Yeole 

Thailand a land of Smiles, a land of spectacular beaches and islands, is the most popular tourist destination and has been hitting the top charts since many years. Indeed, its wealth of history, culture, world class resorts, adventure sports, water sports, tropical forests, graceful highlands, developed infrastructure and hi-tech urban life makes it unique and most attractive for visitors from all over the world. Thailand does not need introduction for peace lovers from all over the world, and regular visitors know it as “The Land of Yellow Robes,” Owing to the tremendous influence of Buddhism. To make life easy and hassle free Thailand’s wide boulevards and preponderance of TUK-TUK and motorcycles navigation is smooth. Thailand again tops in the list of indulgence innumerable restaurants, bars, spas to offer many opportunities for relaxation.

Thailand is ranked number one in affordability in terms of accommodation, food and transport. Thai people are the most courteous and friendly people you may find in the world.  The Climate, cleanliness, friendly approach, affordability, superb infra-structure, world class health care system, easy visa process also makes it as a number ONE retirement destination. In HSBC Expat Experience Report 2013, Thailand was ranked #1 in its “Expat Experience”, and was also ranked #1 for “Quality of Life”.    

Thailand’s real estate market is unquestionably something to look at on priority as here you can easily find excellent properties at cheaper prices with higher rental returns in Asia. You can buy a Studio from as low as 7, 50,000TBH (approx. AU$ 26K ) and catch high rental yield ranging from 6% to 10% resulting from growing number of tourists, working expats and locals. You can witness that Thailand Properties are often high in quality and standards with state of the art amenities, surprisingly cheaper with comparatively higher appreciation rate and with higher rental potential. It makes it evident that, it is becoming increasingly popular among smart global investors, retirees and second-home seekers from both foreign and Thailand. According to a HSBC March 2013 Survey, Thailand is the world’s best location for expat property investment.

Thailand is one of the fastest-growing “Tiger Economy” in Asia and attracting significant number of foreign investors. The country also offers convenient trade with Japan, China, India and the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Buying a property in Thailand can be a far better investment than anywhere else in the world.

So here comes the next question….Where do I invest in Thailand ? Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Krabi ……

Pattaya is the answer you are looking for !!! So lets find out Why to invest in Pattaya ?

thilandIn short time, Pattaya has become the most popular choice in terms of Property Market among foreigners and Thai locals. Mainly because of its geographical location and newly built modern multi-lane highway as well as the planned high-speed rail link connecting Bangkok to Pattaya. Pattaya property market is considered as a secure and comprehensive market with assured long-term returns.

Pattaya is just only over an hour away from international Suvarnabhumi Airport  , and the capital city of Bangkok. Lovely Beaches, Location, Housing Prices and lifestyle are undoubtedly the  biggest points of magnetism. Wide spread Lovely Beaches , Water Sports and adventures, supreme Golf Clubs, Fishing ,Scuba diving, vibrant night life, Top class Hospitals, SPA retreats, International Schools makes it a heavenly place for everyone. The relaxed “Retirement Visa” norms are encouraging many foreigners to call it a home and now Pattaya  has become a paradise for retired westerners.

More specifically Condominiums are the most popular form of investment in Pattaya due to its high demand and affordable pricing. Not only foreigners but you can see lot of locals are also trying to catch this riding wave by investing in Condominiums(also called as Condos).  Because of easy accessibility and comparatively  cheaper prices many residents of Bangkok are calling Pattaya a weekend home and significantly investing in Condos and Villas in Pattaya. This has resulted into many top notch companies like TESCO, Big C, Marko and Central to quickly react and to establish their set ups in Pattaya. World Famous 4/5 star Hotel chains like Amari, Centara Grand, Royal Cliff, Sheraton , Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hilton has already made their way to enrich the Pattaya hospitality experience. To add a diamond to Pattaya’s crown Two massive theme parks, the “Cartoon Network Amazone” and the “RAMAYANA” the biggest water park in South Asia adds the Diamond to Pattaya’s crown.

ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) is the most important fact behind increasing interest in high investment in Pattaya property market .Pattaya has become predominantly an international business hub for the forthcoming ASEAN community and is  attracting investors from overseas.  Very soon Pattaya will become the vital hub for the launch of the ASEAN and then Pattaya will become even more prominent global investment destination. Strong infrastructure and large international community goes in favor of Pattaya for grabbing this opportunity. Pattaya will continue to be the most affordable location to invest in property in Thailand for coming years.

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