“Terrorism needs to be stopped and from it’s grassroots” – Akshay Kumar

“Terrorism needs to be stopped and from it’s grassroots” – Akshay Kumar

54Akshay Kumar has totally denied any resemblance of his new crime action thriller ‘baby’ to his 2007 release ‘Hey Baby’.
Baby is a code name used for a group of people who work as agents or spies for the Government unofficially,to combat terrorism from its grassroots.

The actor in an exclusive interview with Mr. Rajesh Sharma from the Indus Age team talked about his new movie and also the growing aspect of terrorism in the world.

Rajesh: How different is the story line from other terrorism Oriented films in Bollywood?

Akshay- Terrorism has become a very grave issue. I have grown watching it. Last seven days, i deliberately read newspaper just to check the extent of terrorism related news in it. To my aghast, half of the news was only about Sucide bombing, bomb blast, terrorist attack. This needs to be stopped and from its roots. That is what is shown in the movie.

Rajesh: Where do you think the world is heading?
Akshay- Keeping in mind the present scenario, hefty amount of power is in the hands of big leaders and organisations. If they have the power, they should use it wisely and do something about it. Every individual needs to come together to sabotage the system of terrorism.

Rajesh: The role must be very demanding both physically and mentally, how did you deal with it?

Akshay – Not exactly, i was rather just going with the flow. It was not taxing for me as the DirectorNeerajPandey had a clear vision about my role and i was just following his footsteps. Every individual’s role in the movie has been so beautifully characterised by him that you will not go out of logic.

Rajesh: You said earlier, This film is close to your heart..
(Stops in between)

Akshay- Every film i do is close to my heart owing to the fact that you spend many days working with the cast and crew that it feels like a family. Baby in that sense, Yes is very close to me.

Rajesh: It’s your second movie with Neerajpandey. How do you feel working with him?

Akshay- Neeraj is a clean and cut director. He Understands Cinema with reality. ‘Special 26’ was a political based reality and baby is also based on many real life events that is shot very finely. Neeraj makes normal things very extraordinary. And the concept of ‘Logic’ in his movie never fails. Its a gripping film all because its ‘story narrating’ ability mastered by him.

Rajesh: This movie is devoid of any song. How do you think the general audience or the local people will be able to catch a hold of it?

Akshay- ‘Baby’ has just one song so as NeerajPandey’s any movie has. He wants to show the reality in a fictional way. There is no song to disturb the narration of the movie, which has been beautifully written. It is a gripping movie because of its script and screenplay. People should love it for that not for songs.

Rajesh: You have always given chance to new comers. In this movie too, there are two newcomers? How does it feel to work with them?

Akshay- I am nobody to select my co-stars, i am just a guy who has been asked to perform and the selection of my co-star is not in my hand and i even do not believe in interfering with other’s work. What my director and producer feel about the casting, i respect their choice and do my job.
But yes, it’s always good to work with them as you experience a new personality and learn from them as well.

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