Telling The Real Story About Using Methamphetamine

Telling The Real Story About Using Methamphetamine

A new Drug Aware methamphetamine campaign being launched today shows how meth can take control, impacting on your life, and the lives of people around you.

Mental Health Minister Helen Morton said the campaign presented real stories from people who had shared their experiences to provide insight into how meth took control of their lives.

“We have heard so many stories about people’s lives unravelling due to meth use, where the signs that meth was taking control may have been missed,” Mrs Morton said.

“This unique campaign speaks directly to 17 to 25-year-olds who are at risk of using meth; and also to the harder-to-reach regular users, and their parents, family and friends to encourage people to seek help and support earlier.

“Through a series of radio advertisements and videos for social media, we are passing on the stories people have told us about meth causing job loss, family fighting, criminal convictions, and, of course, so many serious health and mental health problems.

“In each of the ads we also directly link people with where to get help. Treatment is available, and we know more people are accessing treatment because it works, and often it’s free.”


While there has been a very slight increase in meth/amphetamine use over the past three years, data indicates use over the past 10 years has declined and that most people don’t use, with even fewer people using regularly.

However, people who do use are using a more potent crystal form sometimes called ice, and they are using more frequently, resulting in greater levels of harm.

“For those affected by meth, and those close to them we know methamphetamine-related harm is a significant problem,” the Minister said.

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