Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations : Telangana Jagruthi

Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations : Telangana Jagruthi

telangana1Mrs. Kalvakuntla Kavitha, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha, India) visited Australia for the first time to attend Business Breakfast and Community Networking & Cultural Celebrations

Telangana Jagruthi organised a huge celebration of the Telangana State Formation Day on 4th June, 2016. As part of the celebrations, it invited Mrs. Kalvakuntla Kavitha MP to be the chief guest on this occasion which was also her first visit to Australia. She is also the President of Telangana Jagruthi, India and the daughter of the current Telangana Chief Minister (Premier).

Celebration was started with Business Breakfast and Networking which was organised @ Hoppers Club, Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. Telangana Jagruthi Australia Incorporated in association with Baysis Migration, Victoria Institute of Technology and Cr Gautam Gupta hosted the Business Breakfast & Community Networking meeting. Hon Craig Ondarchie MP (Shadow Minister for Investments, Trade and Jobs) graced the occasion and highlighted how both Australia and Telangana State can continue to engage and collaborate. Huge potential opportunities and capabilities exists across sides and appreciated the chief guest for her dedication to Jagruthi foundation in particularly women empowerment and upskilling youth and wellness. Hon Craig has assured his next visit to India (on Trade mission) shall be surely visiting Telangana State and continue this excellent relationships and to explore further mutual opportunities as well as be part of the cultural celebrations.

Key Highlights:

  • A Scholarship MOU was signed between Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT); Telangana Jagruthi & Baysis Migration. The objective of this MOU shall be to enable successful candidate to acquire the skills, knowledge and opportunities to obtain industry competencies, receive international exposure, and to maximise their career opportunities, which in turns assist economy and country progress.
  • Sponsorship of air-tickets ($2000) for MA Quest Mrs Australia winner to compete the tournament.
  • Mr Rajesh Arshanapalli (Telangana Jagruthi) donated AUD $2000 to support Mr Vinod Kumar (Indian Australia Wrestling campion) who shall be representing Australia for next Olympics games.
  • Cr Gautam Gupta spoke about India Australia relationship and how the business community can interact, spoke about the developments at Wyndham City Council and Multicultural Festivals here in Melbourne.

Later in the afternoon function, a multicultural program of dances and entertainment was witnessed by a massive crowd including the regional cultural exhibit to demonstrate the Telangana cultures and traditions. The highlight of the session was where the kids brought the chief guest Kavitha to the stage while the performances were happening. Kavitha also presented awards and mementos to prominent community leaders and supporters.

Many state and federal Members of Parliament and Ministers were present on this cultural celebrations including;

Hon Hong Lim MP (Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Asia Engagement)

Hon Inga Peulich MP (Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs & Scrutiny of Government)

Hon Sonya Kilkenny MP (Member for Carrum)

Hon Murray Thompson MP (Member for Sandringham)

Mr Rakesh Malhotra (Consulate General of India, Melbourne)

Mr Arjun Surapaneni (Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Institute of Technology)

Mr Paramjit Jaswal (Director, Imperial College)

Hon Phil Honeywood (Chief Executive, IEAA)

Hon Garry Spencer (Liberal for Isaacs)

Mrs Shilpa Hegde (Liberal Candidate)



Telangana Jagruthi Australia Mission:

  • Preserving the unique cultural heritage of the Telangana region.
  • Instilling in the people of Telangana a sense of pride in their culture.
  • Promote cultural and social integration between Telangana community and local Australian population at large.
  • Rekindling their hopes and aspirations for a better future.
  • Maintain close collaboration, foster friendship and understanding with other social, cultural and community organizations.
  • Organize periodic literary, educational, youth, cultural functions and conferences.
  • To provide forums for discussion of current affairs and matters of professional concern in Australia and India regions.


Mr Nishidhar Reddy Borra (President Telangana Jagruthi) thanked all the members and supporters of the community in making the Telangana Formation State celebrations a grand success.Special thanks were given to Mr Arjun Surapaneni (CEO, VIT), Mr Kapil Katpelly (General Secretary, VCA), Mr Praveen Nalla (Baysis Immigration), Mr Vinayakk Kolaape (President, VCA); Mr Anand Chukka (VIT Events), Mr Anil Reddy Munagala (NSW), Mr Sandeep Reddy Munugala (QLD) & Mr Rajesh Arshanapalli; Mr Prasanth Kadaparthi (Media Spokesperson), Overseas Friends of TRS members Mr Vijay Gangasani &Mr Suren Vangapally.

Also Manoj Pin Reddy (General Secretary), Executive Team members: Kiran Reddy Manda, Singireddy Madhu, Harika Muddaasani, Pranavi Hanumandla, Suren Vangapally, Adesh Vangala, Nimagadda Santhosh, Suchitra Thodupunnori.


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