Taney Jain : The Man who is going above and beyond

He Is young single and nominated top 5  new Australasian real estate agents around the nation  by RER real estate results network , he sold more than  than 30 million dollar worth properties; sold just in 17 months of joining industry, but Taney Jain says he’s “nowhere near” where he wants to be in his career.

Last year he was seller of the year at reliance real estate Werribee  and this year he got nominated among top 5 new agents of the year among  Australia and new Zealand the event held in Hilton Sydney . “The game is just started and I didn’t even expect to be nominated I just keep doing what my principal guided me to do”, said Taney with passion in his eyes.

The young real estate agent, who hasn’t even been in the game for 1.5 years , has already clocked up millions of dollars of sales – more than $30 million in just the past 17 months alone.

While the eye-watering sums of money add up pretty quickly in Taney’s  turf, Melbourne’s  exclusive western  suburb Wyndham vale  where prices range from $280,000 to a whopping $9 million, the young gun said, “ He wasn’t always dealing with so many zeros”.

In the last three months Taney sold 21  properties , and is preparing to list another $20 million worth of homes in the coming few weeks. And at a regular commission of between 2 per cent and 2.2 per cent, his earnings far outstrip the take home pay of his peers.

Sunil Kumar Director of reliance real estate, a pillar in the local property scene for many years now . For Kumar a $20 million sale is all in a day’s work and his name is often attached to transactions with $40 million or above  price tags , “He is my backbone and without him it wasn’t possible ,” says Taney.

Tanay Jain - InsideDespite having such a prominent mentor Taney said the link to his director  open doors, but it can also close them.

In starting days “Some people want nothing to do with me!” he said.

“I’ve had a lot of let downs, a lot of doors closed in my face, but that’s going to happen. I’ve learnt by a lot of my own mistakes,” he said.

“But for me I’m Taney . I want to have my own reputation, I want to have my own following, that’s what I wanted to do from day one. I feel if you’re spoon fed in this game you will burn very quickly.”

“I basically  got a phone and a desk. If you’re not making any calls, you’re not going to make any money. It’s a very simple strategy. That was put into my brain from day one,” he said.

Taney said the recipe to his success is his long hours, admitting that a 12-hour day is “the norm”.

“You don’t have to be the smartest individual, it’s how hard you go at it, it’s so simple.”

The self-proclaimed obsessive compulsive said his advice to anyone who wants to get ahead in business, whether that be in the property game or not, is to go above and beyond — and for him that means working around the clock – even on holidays.

“It’s about accessibility. If you don’t answer your phone then there are problems. Having my phone with me 100 per cent of the time is everything. Otherwise it becomes uncomfortable and you don’t know what’s going on,” he said.

And on the question of his personal life Taney agreed his work-life “imbalance” could be contributing to his current single status. After the fast-talker gave paused for a rare uncomfortable silence he gave way to awkward laughter.


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