Sydney siege cafe to re-open

Sydney siege cafe to re-open

lindtSydney, March 11 The cafe in Sydney where two hostages and a gunman were killed during a siege in December last year is planning to re-open.

The chocolate specialist Lindt Cafe has been closed since the 16-hour siege took place from December 15 in the heart of Sydney central business district, reported Xinhua.

Lindt Australia’s chief executive Steve Loane told Xinhua on Wednesday the cafe would open late next week, but was uncertain about the exact day and time.

“We want to keep it low key, but the New South Wales premier, the police commissioner and family (of the victims) will be there,” he said.

“But we’re certainly not promoting it as an event.”

It will, however, attract major media attention as the event united a city against terrorism with a massive spontaneous floral memorial built outside the cafe in the week after the event.

Cafe manager Tori Johnson was shot point-blank by hostage taker Man Haron Monis, and lawyer Katrina Dawson was caught in police crossfire when they stormed the cafe.

Loane said a permanent memorial will be placed in the cafe to mark the demise of the two hostages.

Monis was shot and killed by police when they ended the siege.


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