723899-6e7b573a-fddc-11e4-9430-4717fa7bce71Minister for Emergency Services David Elliott today announced firefighters at City of Sydney Fire Station are the first to receive new cutting-edge helmets as part of a rollout to Fire and Rescue NSW’s (FRNSW) 6,800 fire officers.

Mr Elliott and FRNSW Commissioner Greg Mullins visited the station as firefighters were fitted and trained for the high-tech helmets – the most advanced in Australia.

The helmets have an integrated radio microphone and ear piece so firefighters can communicate with commanders and also be heard more clearly while wearing self-contained breathing apparatus.

They also feature lighting, adjustable eye protection and improved safety from heat and falling debris.

“Our 6,800 firefighters deserve the best equipment when they are protecting the people and property of NSW and this is why the Liberals & Nationals Government invested $7 million in these new helmets,” Mr Elliott said.

Commissioner Mullins said FRNSW firefighters used their frontline experience to provide guidance to the project team on the ‘jet-style’ design and features required in a helmet.

“We considered what we needed in our ideal firefighting helmet and then took it to industry so they could work with us on developing a solution,” Commissioner Mullins said.

“Firefighters deal with life-threatening situations on a daily basis and know exactly what equipment they need to battle complex firefighting and rescue operations.”

FRNSW firefighters in the Hunter will be fitted for the helmets in the coming weeks and the rollout to all FRNSW firefighters will be complete by the end of the year.

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