Sub-Continent Friends of Labor : A pathway for South Asian into mainstream Australian Politics

Sub-Continent Friends of Labor : A pathway for South Asian into mainstream Australian Politics

24The Subcontinent Friends of Labor (SCFOL) organised a largely attended meet-greet function on 4 July, 2015 at the Civic & Functions Centre, Werribee. The event was an effort to unite and organise members and supporters of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in Victoria who originate from the Indian Subcontinent namely from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan.

The revamped SCFOL committee and well wishers were introduced to the gathering via a power point presentation and in person. Those who addressed the gathering included Mr. Jude Perera MP, Guri Singh, Manoj Kumar, Mustafa, Intaj Khan, Kaushaliya Vaghela, Neeraj Nanda, Dr. Imram Sayed, Sophie Ismail and Deepak Vinayak.

In his address, Jude Perera MP said, “The SCFOL is a commendable effort and a right step by subcontinent people to involve themselves in mainstream Australian politics.”

“I encourage ALP supporters to become members so they can participate and have a feel of the internal politics in the ALP,” he said.

Wyndham Councillor Intaj Khan said he was happy that the subcontinent Labor supporters have come together to make their presence felt in the party and Australian society.

Manoj Kumar felt the SCFOL was a platform to move forward for their own common good and assimilate in mainstream Australia.

“The big void of subcontinent people not in Australian politics and social life can be filled up by SCFOL activities,” he said.

A large number of those present became members of the SCFOL pledging loyalty to the Labor cause. The event also had a break for those breaking their Ramzan fast and a networking session with snacks in the end was sponsored by Councillor Intaj Khan.

The following SCFOL committee members were announced:

Hon. Jude Perera MP (Victorian State MP for Cranbourne and 1st sub-continent born lower house MP in Australia)
Working office committee
1. Manoj Kumar – Chairperson
2. Guri Singh – President
3. Kaushaliya Vaghela – Secretary
4. Cr. Chandra Daya Bamunusinghe JP – Asst. Secretary
5. Mustafa Hasan Yusuf – Treasurer
6. Narinder Garg – Asst. Treasurer

Vice Presidents:
1. Harbhajan Singh Kaira ( East)
2. Harpreet Marwaha ( West)
3. Satnam Pabla ( North)

1. Cr.Tim Singh
2. Cr.Intaz Khan
3. Cr. Oscar Lobo
4. Dr. Sharif As -Saber
5. Deepak Vinayak JP
6. Aakash Kumar
7. BomYonzon
8. AnandSerome
9. Satinder Chawala
Media Advisor: Neeraj Nanda
Community Representatives/SCFOL’s Country Ambassadors
1. Dr.Shahbazz Chowdhury ( Pakistani Community)
2. Dr. Sharif Al Saber (Bangla desi community)
3. Dr.Dor Aschna ( Afgani Community)
4. Bandu Dissanayake ( Sri Lankan Community)
5. Ranjan Srivastav/ Durga Acharya ( Nepalese Community )
6. Kuljeet Dhillion/ Dr.Mantokh Singh ( Indian Community)

SCFOL’S Women Advisory Committee
1. Dr. Sonia Singh
2. Mrs PriyaBedi
3. Ms Lubna Kamal
Youth Advisory committee
1. Varnan Ganesh
2. NiruTripathy
3. Puneet Gulati
4. AsharafulAlam

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