Stunt rider Aras Gibieza to stun bikers in India

New Delhi, Jan 5 (IANS) Lithuanian stunt rider Aras Gibieza will set out for India Bike Week On-Tour, an eight-city tour for motorbike enthusiasts.

During the tour, which is part of Indian Bike Week festival, biking enthusiasts led by Aras Gibieza will conduct three-hour stunt shows in the cities they visit.

The tour will begin in Chandigarh Jan 14 and will proceed to Jaipur Jan 17, followed by Ahmedabad Jan 20, Surat Jan 22, Pune Jan 25, Mangalore Jan 29, Coimbatore Feb 1 and will culminate in Kochi Feb 4.

It aims to reach out to over 40,000 motorbike fans across the eight cities. It will feature highlights from India Bike Week at events in each of these cities. The highlight, of course, is Gibieza.

Gibieza, winner of the recent Stunt Riding EuroCup and a Red Bull athlete, has been fascinated by extreme sports from an early age. The 25-year-old started off with doing wheelies at age 10, which got him hooked to the two-wheelers.

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