Stuart Ayres med rel: Major crime falls/remains stable across NSW

Stuart Ayres med rel: Major crime falls/remains stable across NSW

7Minister for Police and Emergency Services Stuart Ayres has welcomed a report showing major crime categories have fallen or remained stable across the State

According to the Bureau of Crime Statistics (BOCSAR), seven of the 17 major offence categories have fallen with 10 remaining stable in the 24 months to June 2014.

“This is the first time in the Bureau’s history where none of the major crime offences increased here in NSW. It’s an outstanding result and I congratulate the NSW Police Force for their relentless efforts in preventing and investigating crime,” Mr Ayres said.

“The Premier and I will keep working with police to ensure they have the powers and resources they need to keep our communities safe,” he said.

NSW Police Force numbers are now at record highs with authorised strength at 16,396.

Away from the major offence categories, there has been a 34.3 per cent increase in prohibited and regulated weapons offences.

Meanwhile, shooting offences in NSW are stable when measured across the two, five and 10 year periods leading up to June 2014.

“These statistics show police are doing a fantastic job using the powers we have given them to get guns off the street and further proves initiatives such as Operation Talon are working,” Mr Ayres said.

There has also been a rise in transport regulatory offences (up 22.3 per cent).

“As the Police Transport Command continues to strengthen, there has been ongoing pro-active policing on the public transport network, which has resulted in increased detection of offences. Today’s BOCSAR figures prove this.”

“I once again commend the men and women of the NSW Police Force on an exceptional effort in keeping our communities safe,” Mr Ayres concluded.

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