Statewide oral health survey in schools

Statewide oral health survey in schools

65 Dental health of thousands of students aged four to 14 to be checked

• Part of a $14.9 million Victorian Coalition Government oral health plan

• Victorian Coalition Government building a healthier Victoria

Thousands of school students will take part in Victoria’s first statewide survey of child dental

health, Minister for Health David Davis announced today.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to ensuring children have the best start to

life, and that includes ensuring children have healthy and bright smiles,” Mr Davis said.

“We know having healthy teeth, gums and good oral health helps people stay healthy overall.

“This survey will assess the oral health of our children and help shape the future of Victoria’s

dental healthcare system.”

Mr Davis said the survey will see 6,000 randomly selected children aged four to 14 from 150

schools receive dental examinations and parent questionnaires.

“This will provide a valuable insight into the state of children’s teeth and help us target health

promotion programs and dental services where they are most needed,” Mr Davis said.

“It will draw upon children from Victoria’s government, independent and Catholic schools to

ensure a good representation of the oral health status of all Victorian children.”

The survey is funded by the Coalition Government and will be conducted by the Department

of Health and Dental Health Services Victoria, in partnership with the Australian Research

Centre for Population Oral Health at the University of Adelaide.

Mr Davis said the Coalition Government was taking action to prevent dental problems such as

tooth decay and gum disease through the Healthy Together Victoria – Action plan for oral

health promotion 2013 – 2017.

“We are delivering $14.9 million through the plan to boost access to vital dental health

services and improve the oral health of all Victorians, especially those most at risk,” Mr Davis


“Today is World Oral Health Day, and it’s a timely reminder for us all on the importance of

taking extra care to look after our teeth and gums.”

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