State’s most violent venus named

State’s most violent venus named

Minister for Hospitality, George SourisMinister for Hospitality, George Souris, today released a list of the State’s most violent venues which will face a range of tough operating conditions.

Mr Souris said Round 10 of the violent venues list, based on Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) data for the 2012/13 financial year, names 21 venues for excessive numbers of violent incidents – five more than the previous list.

Mr Souris said the NSW Government will be seeking legislative amendments to Schedule 4 of the Liquor Act to amend the violent venues scheme to allow for special powers to  impose conditions earlier in the evening if a venue is considered high-risk before midnight.

“Currently a number of the scheme’s conditions only apply after midnight but, this amendment would aim to ensure that venues, including country venues that have earlier closing times, can still be effectively targeted with conditions if violent incidents and high risk trading periods are occurring earlier,” Mr Souris said.

“The NSW Government is committed to targeting alcohol-related violence and this latest initiative, together with the numerous other actions we have taken, demonstrates how serious we are about tackling the problem.

“This list identifies those licensed premises which are the worst hot spots for trouble so that special operating conditions can be imposed to help manage the risk of further violence,” Mr Souris said.

Ivy in Sydney recorded 26 violent incidents in 2012/13 to be listed as the only Level 1 violent venue meaning it will have to maintain the toughest operating conditions under the scheme including a 2am lockout, drink restrictions and extra security requirements.

Another 20 venues from across the State recorded between 12 and 18 incidents to be classified as Level 2 premises and will also have to impose extra conditions as well as implementing venue safety plans to identify and address risks.

Six licensed venues have successfully removed themselves from the list by achieving reductions in alcohol-related violence.

Mr Souris noted that nine of the 21 venues named were from regional NSW, with only one from Newcastle. Of the six venues removed from the list, five are from the regions.

“My strong advice to all licensed venues is to regularly review your alcohol and security management plans to minimise the chance of violence on your premises and take all possible steps to ensure responsible service and consumption of alcohol to avoid intoxication.

“This is particularly important during the festive season given the large numbers of people celebrating the Christmas, New Year and Australia Day periods.”

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