Squash’s Olympic bid gets boost

Squash’s Olympic bid gets boost

23World Squash Federation (WSF) president N. Ramachandran is encouraged by the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) vision of introducing new sports in the Summer Games “sooner rather than later”.

Ramachandran, who is also the newly-elected Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president, led the squash bid to be added to the 2020 Olympics. He travelled to the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia to raise the Indian flag at the Athletes’ Village after the IOA suspension was revoked by the IOC earlier this month.

“Naturally, I was able to use my opportunities in Sochi to continue my quest to secure a place for squash on the Olympic programme and it is clear that the IOC do have a vision that enables new sports to be admitted sooner rather than later. Knowing this, I will definitely not let up in my efforts,” said Ramachandran.

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