Sponsorship and Donation Call for Australian paperback edition of ‘Indian Diaspora:Hindus and Sikhs in Australia’

Sponsorship and Donation Call for Australian   paperback edition of ‘Indian Diaspora:Hindus   and Sikhs in Australia’

2The book ‘Indian Diaspora: Hindus and Sikhs in Australia’ commemorates the

Indian Diaspora in the Australian soil. The book written by Purushottama

Bilimoria, Jayant Bhalchandra Bapat and Rev. Dr Philip Hughes brings out vividly

how profoundly Indians have contributed not only to culture, society and way of

life in Australia but also to Australian thought, psyche and economy with harmony.

The book gives a spectacular window into the Hindu and Sikh cultural and

religious practices in Australia.

This book has received appreciation from dignitaries such as Ms. Manika Jain,

Honourable Consul General of India for celebrating strong ties between India and

Australia. Furthermore, it has received commendation on SBS Radio and ABC RN

(Religion and Ethics Report) and also Indus Age, for this book strengthens the ties

between two communities who have embraced each other with open arms.

Following the successful launch of the book Indian Diaspora: Hindus and Sikhs in

Australia there has been a decision to bring out an Australian paperback edition of

the book. (The current edition is published in India and so there is some difficulty

with distribution and access to the book; like it is not getting into the libraries,

bookstores, etc.). Fortunately, an Australian publisher (who publishes in this field

on Indo-Australian studies) has expressed keen interest in undertaking this task;

however, given the current economic climate, the dip in the Australia dollar and

the sheer cost of printing in Australia, the editors are required to supplement the

costs with a subsidy. By today’s standard this is a small ask but the support of the

community is needed to raise the funds.

There’s a need of Aus$5000. Full corporate sponsorship by a donor will entail

acknowledgement on the inside title page along with the publishers; smaller sums

will also attract acknowledgment separately. Any amount is welcome from you.

Donations can be sent via bank transfer to Christian Research Association (agency

in charge of book stocks managed by one of the editors of the book) by emailing to

Peg Fraser for details at  admin@cra.org.au, or calling on phone at 03 8819012.

We whole-heartedly thank in advance those of the patrons who will come forward

to assist with this wonderful cause and help realize the publication of an Australian

Edition that facilitates understanding Indians in Australia, a timely and magnificent



Purushottama Bilimoria

Jayant Bapat

Philip Hughes

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