Spanish director Vicente Aranda dies at 88

Spanish director Vicente Aranda dies at 88

450018523Madrid, May 26 Spanish film director Vicente Aranda died at his home here on Tuesday, the Spanish Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences (AACCE) has confirmed.

Born in Barcelona on November 9, 1926 and the winner of two Goya Awards, the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars, Aranda is one of the most prominent Spanish film directors.

According to the AACCE, his remains will be cremated on Wednesday, reports Efe.

Aranda directed many films including “Fata Morgana” (1965), “Clara is the Price” (1974), “Sex Change” (1976), “Lovers” (1991), “The Turkish Passion” (1994), “Carmen” (2009), and “Mad Love” (2001), among others.

In addition to his Goya accolades, the late director also won several awards in various international film festivals such as Berlin International Film Festival and San Sebastian Film Festival.

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