Sophia Bush inspired by Beyonce Knowles

Sophia Bush inspired by Beyonce Knowles

Los Angeles, April 26 (IANS) Actress Sophia Bush said that singer Beyonce Knowles has taught her to be more confident and love herself.

“Beyonce convinced me to do my Maxim cover. I was like, I am a grown woman and I can do whatever I want. I was like, Hey, I’m allowed to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m allowed to push the envelope. I’m allowed to have the conversations with the women who are in my audience that no one wants to talk about,” quoted Bush as saying.

“No one wants to talk about owning our bodies and the way we feel in them. We are so sexualised by everyone else that we don’t spend a lot of time saying, ‘No, this is my body, and this is for me.

“I feel confident when I feel strong. I think any time that you sort of achieve something new, that does it, too. The women who come to me everyday, whether I run into them on the street, whether we’re talking on Twitter or Instagram, we’re having inspiring, real, meaningful conversations, and if I can give them permission to do that, then they can do the same for me,” added the actress.

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